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A Guide to the AVWW Room Map Editor

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Do all rooms have to fill the entire 100X100 grid?  In other words, can I section off half of the grid and design a room inside that half, or does my design have to encompass the entire grid?

Pretty sure you can use as much or as little as you like, within reason!

As an aside, I did notice that the end result appears sometimes mirrored in the game, which is fun!  :)

You do not have to use the entire grid, good question. If you use less than it, and you hit the Export button, the program will trim the export down to only what you need.

And yes, the room will sometimes be mirrored. :-)

Playing around with this at the moment, I'm making a boss room right now although since it's my first time doing this it probably won't amount to much.

So will the player automatically spawn where ever there is white space? (like there's no player spawn marker I missed)

Correct, the spawn points for the player and the boss are both randomized in the whitespace.


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