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The various elemental shields seem more trouble than they are worth as they are implemented at the moment- a 1 second burst of protection. It is difficult to gauge when to activate the shield given that its protection runs out so swiftly, and fiddly to keep doing so in time to bosses that keep spamming out attacks

change the shield mechanic to be constant: eg. as long as the shield button/key is held down (& maybe with a menu option to make it a toggle), the shield is active- during which it slowly drains mana. however, when it takes damage, that damage is translated into a moderate loss of mana proportional to the damage of the attack whilst to mitigate this, shields have damage resistance to their chosen element.

this might make sheilding more like regenerating cover and less like reflex-driven bursts of invunerability, and would work nicely with using shields as a counter to enviromental threats (eg. snowstorms, acidic pools/mist, cave ins, fire etc)

Fully for that change, shields instant activated by pressing the SHIELD key, let us assign its protection element somehow else...

Or even let us improve our shield with craft-able stuff (and thus have that define its protection element) ;p

Conversely, I'd be for increasing shield time just a little bit - twice what it is now, for example - but also giving them a sort of health property so they 'die' after taking an amount of damage.

I'm in the twitch-reflex camp, though I find them pretty ineffectual for much of anything right now.

Shields could start with Max strength and then diminish quickly over time. Strikes against the shield would further subtract from that number. That way you could increase the duration so its not tedious while still rewarding quick reflexes / timing on bringing the shield up.

Honestly I haven't crafted a single shield since the update....


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