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The end of the end of the world

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I haven't posted in a while, though I've been playing pretty steadily, and restarting games a lot to see how the new systems impact the early game (so I'm still not very far in this game...continent 1 still since the introduction of the continent system).

I liked the mechanic where you had to destroy the overlord before the continent sank - I thought it gave an awesome goal, motivation, and terminal point to the continent. It was also a nice nod to Kefka, Lavos, and other world-destroying iconic bosses. In short, I think I'll miss this portion of the game, and just wanted to throw that sentiment out there since the new patch log shows that being removed.

I'm sure that since this is still beta, and given the excellence of previous Arcen titles (I never feel aimless in AI War...must...murder...AI...), the end result will still be a very engaging title.

Personally, I rather like that change; I really dislike only ever having X turns to do something, or you lose. Sure, it's nice from time to time, but to have it constantly hanging over your head... it'd just put a whole lot of pressure on me.

Yea, I had thought that people wanted to feel threatened by the game, so I added it.  I was wrong :)

I think those two replies both capture the idea that sometimes a player does want to feel that there are high stakes in a battle. Given that spells and such currently don't carry over from continent to continent, any possibility of an "End of the world" mission type (optional, as all mission types), that raises the stakes: if you lose, the continent is gone, and if you win, you get to carry something over that you normally wouldn't?

Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse at this point  :)

I don't think you're beating a dead horse -- and I do think that a "more threatening" model where the you can have a continent sinks into the sea is something worth exploring.  However, that would be a mechanic that was only available on higher strategic difficulties (which we would bring back for something like this), and which has its own sets of both benefits and pitfalls in some fashion.

In short, it's kind of a whole game mode in and of itself.  Possibly it doesn't need to be a game mode, even -- maybe it's some sort of doomsday device that, once you interact with it (and it warns you), it causes the destruction of the continent in X more CP, but you get Y benefit if you can beat the overlord before that time.  But this doomsday device option is only available when the continent is still tier 1-2 or something.

I don't know exactly the mechanics that we'd want to use, because we're pressed for time and haven't put a lot of thought into it yet.  But I do know that, if it's something that can be done in a straightforward fashion along those lines, adding value for people like you who want that sort of thing without impacting players who clearly have no interest in being actively threatened in this genre of game... it's something that I'm interested in trying to squeeze in prior to 1.0.  And if it's "bigger than a breadbox" of a feature, so to speak, then that's something to explore sometime post-1.0, but still something I want to look at at some point.


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