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Remaining Parts of the Strategic Game

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And I'm very glad you got it down on paper, too, so to speak -- good ideas can disappear if not put down pretty quickly after occurring to someone. :)

Alright, simplistic strategic features. most of this uses things already in game so....

Personally I think the game would benefit greatly from territory control mechanics, or atleast the sensation that you are fighting with something, now given that we already have one (storms) simplicity says to abuse it.

so I see it like this. 3 new mission types

1) defending attacks on wind shelters.
2) stopping the enemy endeavouring to set up some sort of anti-windshelter, so pushing the storms out further
3) your side attacking said anti-windshelter

Now the "strategic" side of this comes in that 1 and 2 should have a timer, X missions, as in they exist for however long it takes you to perform X missions before you either lose the windshelter or the anti-windshelter is constructed. X would be determined by the difficulty level, my gut says 3 is a fair base.

only other thing to note is there should only be 2 or 3 of these at any given time (and that they should be in addition to normal missions), so you can entirely negate them if you so choose

To cover concerns of time pressure (both ways) I think "Strategic Difficulty" could control three things.

1) Mission Duration (as noted above)
2) CP cost of the missions
3) Tier the mechanic kicks in. So on normal it might only start spawning the missions at tier 4, but for an easier game you could up it to tier 5 where time is infinite, or for a harder game lower it to tier 2/3 so that you have to take notice of them sooner

And that's it (for the time being at least) . no continent destruction, no assaults on the settlement, just fighting against the wind.


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