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New ideas for Vengeful Ghosts

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On an odd note, what if ghosts could migrate?  Not to a boss room or anything, but to the switch rooms in the OL's keep.  Say, 1/10?  Those rooms are basically sleepy except for the magma horns that you might trigger on the way out, that could make them interesting.

On a side note, a balance/limit for anti-griefer on MP servers would need to be determined.

Martyn van Buren:
I quite like my suggestion and am Mantis'ing it: ; it seems like something that wants to be shelved for a while if it is ever going to be considered.

I /would/ like to see a mission that will wipe out all the ghosts on the current continent/chunk e.t.c.

That would allow less 'progress stopped by a rediculious amount of ghosts' options.


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