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Brainstorming The Concept Of Controlling Multiple Characters

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--- Quote from: Dizzard on November 29, 2011, 01:27:45 pm ---I have a radical idea (in which case this thread is perfect  :P)

How about increasing the amount of currently playable/controllable characters from just one to maybe three or five. So it would be sort of like a team (task force whatever you want to call it) This way you could remove the warp potion and have an option to set a particular character to "head home". They'll pathfind their way to exit the tile (or alternatively just vanish and reappear at the closest settlement after a certain period of time has passed) and then move from tile to tile until they reach the designated(or closest) settlement. In the mean time you can switch to another of your team and take care of another mission. You'll get a message when you're other character has arrived home at a settlement. This way you're jumping between missions (so it's like the "meanwhile" in a story) while you still get the concept of spending time heading home.

To be honest, I always wondered what it would be like to control more people at once in AVWW. That way it would seem more like there is a group of people doing scouts/discovering the world rather than one sole hero. It seems more natural to have a sort of task force.

I feel in my head that this would work....but I'm not typing it out that well. :S

--- End quote ---

It could be interesting, actually, in some ways would be a way to eliminate warping, change up some inventory stuff, and tie the macrogame even more heavily into the adventure parts.  It also significantly ups the complexity of the game, I think, which I'm less thrilled about.  It also does eliminate some of that "lone hero" feel, which is something I really love about the game (to my mind, Silent Hill and Zelda and similar are models of the lone hero that inspire this).

But... it's worth discussing, at least.

I quite like it!

Star Wars: The Old Republic has some of this - you have a team of two in the field fighting at any one time but your actual group can be much bigger, with the background characters being able to go on crafting or shop runs, or perform sorts of mini-missions for you.

It reminds me a little bit of the party system in Final Fantasy X, too, or some of the stuff in Final Fantasy Tactics.  It's not identical to them, but it does have that sort of flavor.

This would require really a rather huge amount of new interface work to give your characters orders to go places in your absence, though, which I'm a lot less enthused about.   That sort of management in a world that is potentially infinite could get incredibly annoying.

It would be very interesting.  Honestly I feel more like I am the glyph in AVWW than the characters I am controlling.

:)  I really like what Dizzard and the other players have proposed.  I don't know how complicated it could get in AVWW, but i wonder if there might be a way to 'copy' the code that lets us control one character, and have a switch between them, perhaps the alt key that cycles through all my available characters?


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