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Brainstorming The Concept Of Controlling Multiple Characters

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--- Quote from: x4000 on November 29, 2011, 02:30:23 pm ---It reminds me a little bit of the party system in Final Fantasy X, too, or some of the stuff in Final Fantasy Tactics.  It's not identical to them, but it does have that sort of flavor.

This would require really a rather huge amount of new interface work to give your characters orders to go places in your absence, though, which I'm a lot less enthused about.   That sort of management in a world that is potentially infinite could get incredibly annoying.

--- End quote ---

Well as I mentioned above you could have some kind of timed warp on characters that are heading back to a settlement. Physically they're not actually travelling but based on how many tiles they are away from the nearest settlement (or their home settlement that they go back to) it'll take a different amount of time for them to reappear at the settlement. In the meantime you can be doing some other task with another member of the team.

Give the illusion of them heading home rather than actually having them path find their way home.

As for "lone hero" I'm not so sure. As a character exploring the wilderness sure but in the grand scheme of things not so much.

In Zelda there is only ever one link (with multiple lives) while AVWW can have a long line (or sort of lineage) of heroes. Plus your character has a civilization to think in some ways they are not so alone.

Sounds like a cute idea but it inserts a lot of complexity with not that much reward. There's one thing I like about this though. From the sound of it, the travel system would be much more like Fallout. You mark you target and head out there.

The current feel of directly controlling your character as you effortlessly move over many tiles feels off. First, it gives you no sensation of actual travel in this vast world. The second problem is that you're able to skip over hostile sectors easily. If you planned out your destination and path instead, it would feel a lot more like travelling, and you could have random incidents where you're dragged into hostile sectors (or at least small maps representing conflicts) similar to the way it's done in Fallout.

This made me think of another idea. If you'd be willing to do Fallout style travel, you could just combine the strategic map with the travel map and have one strategy screen that represents everything about the map. Strategic options would be available on this screen based on where you currently are. This would be much simpler and clearer.

Mixed feelings.  Think it would feel more realistic and would be interesting in and of itself, could lead to more specialized characters.  On the other hand, I'd really hate to have to grind 3x more.   I'd just worry that it would either get to me having one well equipped character, but losing warp essentially, or having to do a lot of crafting so that everyone had a good weak/med/ strong spell + shields+ heals+ movement every 10 levels so that you're not outdoing your spell tier.

I suppose that it could lead to more specialized characters just out of that desire not to grind for each and every person on your team.  Or that some sort of centralized spell repository could be kept, and just limit what each person carried.  Hmmm dunno.

I think small groups of characters could add a lot to the game, as content gets added and there are 100+ spells and traps to pick from it should be simple to equip a small group with different yet ballanced equipment loadouts. This could be interesting with restricted inventory slots, making you build up a group that can counter all of the different element resistances and terrain features. This would, in my opinion, give the player characters some life, each one bringing unique skills to the group instead of a one man army who can do all.

I also think that it suit's the game so much, its a harsh world out there, robots and magic and wild savage animals, it takes more to change this world than what can be achieved by one person at a time, and I dont like he Chosen One vibe at the moment, to me it doesnt suit a game with permadeath, this world will kill scores of young brave people, it doesnt need them to line up in single file and each be declared the one and only hope before nabbing them brutaly

Also I think groups fit in with the world since, well, its going to be multiplayer so there will be groups of people running around anyway.

I fail see how it would add anything except to development time. characters stats are nowhere near deviant nor specialised enough to merit a different character selection for each tile.


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