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It seems to me some of the survival feel of a game could come from the early part of a world and taper off.  So at the start you have a bunch of "quests" you need to do to survive (no time limit, and no limit on how many people you can lose doing them).  Things like finding food, clearing monsters, etc.  This would give the new player more structure to their early explorations.

This thread is kind of old, but i couldn't find a better place to mention it.  I found some screenshots of the early alpha builds and noticed it was in a zelda top down like perspective.

If the engine is still lingering around somewhere it might be cool if that could be used for the village.  What this would give us is the ability to arrange the bonus buildings (maybe the other buildings if you want to go that deep) .  Maybe give proximity bonuses to how you arrange the buildings, etc.  it would add a lot of depth to the city building aspect of the game.    Maybe put some micro biomes in there (muddy ground, grassy field, hills, etc) as well.

The negative (positive?) side would be that the actraiser comparisons would be complete.


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