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Brainstorm Ideas For "Major Anachronism" Missions.

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So.  The former anachronism missions were very much puzzle-based, but frustrating to new players.  Part of the problem was that they didn't have any idea what the heck they were supposed to be doing.  Part of it was that they had no way to practice without just doing lots of observation and failing many missions.  I think that the changes to the basic anachronism missions were needed... but I can understand the dismay at losing the puzzle-y aspects of them.

So, a few thoughts:


This is something that really needs to come into the encyclopedia anyhow, for new players and otherwise.  I've been putting it off, but I think that the time has come where that really can't be done any longer.  During the Major Anachronism missions, I'm figuring that this will simply be disabled so that you can't use it as a cheat-sheet at that time.


In general, what made the prior version of Fix The Anachronisms a puzzle was that you couldn't just go around guessing and shooting anything you liked.  Certainly going back to the older mechanics of "kill an enemy that is from the wrong time period and you lose" would work for this.  And, to be sure, this variant of our existing mission type is intended for advanced players only; so it being "too hardcore" in this fashion might be beside the point.  But is there a better mechanic that folks want to see?

All right... Discuss. ;)

taken from talk in patch topic..

hence my suggestion

1) Make game-mode like the old one (you can fail if you commit errors)
2) But increase error tolerance. Each enemy type gets a counter and you only "die" if you kill more than X enemies of a wrong type.
3) Killing the wrong type should give a floaty popup (rift destabilizing + screen-shake?) or something that hints that you kill you the wrong enemies, subtle maybe....
4) Killing the wrong enemies could also do something else.. ideas?
5) there could also be more variables to consider here, why is this mission only focused on time anachronism? Why not the element of enemies? Or their color (heh, that'd be cute ,p) or even flying vs walking enemies. Why not restrict the mission to killing certain enemies with a certain element, or traps?

This would make it largely skill/preparation based, not trivia, or trivial and imo, quite fun ;p

I am not a fan of "trivia" tests in games, feels like school. And this one certainly feels like that. Particularly given there are like 100 monster types and what not.. this is one of these missions that's gonna be impossible in AVWW 5.0 in the 1.0 form. (the current form of this mission is pretty much too easy).

Note: the point of this is to be a trivia test, not a skill test; the existing fix-the-anachronism mechanic now employed by the base mission is already a skill-based mechanic.  I don't think we need two!

So what's to stop anyone from opening the wiki (or a list) and cheesing this mission? ;P I think if it's supposed to be a trivia test it's unlucky to use something that changes with each patch.. like every time you add a new monster ^^ That makes it essentially a requirement to cheat with this mission (in its 1.0 shape) in some way anyway.

You could say "you can ignore them" but when I started the game, 4 missions were "boss towers" and 3 missions where fix the anachronisms....  that doesn't exactly offer a lot of variety in the beginning (Well, if you are unlucky like me, I always seem to get the worst starting situations possible unlike in AI War, where I always get the best ones) ^^

The Major Anachronism missions will only appear once you've completed a goodly number of the basic skill-based Minor Anachronism missions, I should have clarified.  And by then you have many more options on the world map.

In terms of stopping someone from cheating at a puzzle of any sort: well, that's why there's a skill component also, which already existed.  But the simple fact is that some folks like puzzles and are upset that the puzzles are lost from this sort of mission type.  This mission offshoot is for them, while the base mission type is for you.  That way everybody wins and has something that fits with what they want.


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