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Too close for comfort: Kill a miniboss with a melee-ranged spell.

Go My Children! - Finish an Overlord with any summon spell.
Can't Touch This - Complete a Freefall mission without taking damage and while killing every enemy before reaching the bottom.
Twenty Thousand Leagues - Reach Cave System 20 in Ocean.
Short Circuit - Kill every enemy in Skelebot Junkyard using only Storm Fist or Ball Lightning.
Pequod - Kill 100 Blue Whales.
Size Doesn't Matter - As a Micro Rex, kill a Tyrannosaur.
Where's My Castle? - Place a Moon Lamp on the surface of The Deep, then turn into a Bat.
Bling-Bling - Equip 5 Legendary enchants at once.
Walking The Plank - Be killed by an Ice Pirate Patrol.

Save The Forests - Hold 500 Grow Gems of Evergreen Forest trees.
What Are Those For? - Hold 10 Grow Gems of Boiler.
You Gonna Eat That? - Hold 50 Grow Gems of Small Tentacle.

Giant Hot Tub - Use 3 Fire spells in Ocean Shallows.
Stay Out Of The Kitchen - Use 3 Fire spells in Lava Flats.
Only You Can Prevent... - Use 3 Fire spells in Evergreen Forest.
So Thirsty - Use 3 Water spells in Lava Flats.
Eternal Darkness - Use 3 Entropy spells in The Deep.
Let There Be Light - Use 3 Light spells in The Deep.
Sand In My things on your feet - Use 3 Earth spells in Desert.

Counterproductive - Cast Meteor Shower during a Supply Depot Meteor Storm mission.
Cosmic Collision - Hit a falling meteor during a Supply Depot Meteor Storm mission with the Launch Meteor spell.

--- Quote from: Coppermantis on May 01, 2012, 09:32:52 pm ----I believe I can fly: Collect a featherweight enchant that gives you negative falling speed ( Side note: This is possible, I had one on Toll's server until it went down. It was awesome, I could jump and then just keep going. Unless this is a bug, of course, in which case I'd be sad to see it be fixed.)

--- End quote ---
WOAH WOAH that's my goal as of right now, I also hope it doesn't get patched  :o


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