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Thank you Arcen Games
« on: April 20, 2021, 02:07:23 pm »
Hi Members,
Hi Chris,
best greats to the rest of the staff naturally!

its really some years ago I was here, I can't tell for sure the amount of time.
I only want to thank you guys for your work, your creation and your passion to that games.

I love ai war one, far away I suddenly couldn't play it because of an update. I messaged you and it got fixed in hours. that's more as awesome. I played it more as 400 hours as single player so far. with factorio the most invested free time so far.

I bought ai war 2 on Kickstarter  years ago, but played it only few hours so far. couldn't get into it somehow. now, its starting to pull me in again.  it is different to ai war one, but still fun.

i pray you guys will start and finish "stars beyond reach" the next years. I know its far far away and that I am dreaming. but a man has to be able to dream, right?
damned, I am still can't stop laughing when I watch the trailers.

so, resume:
thank you very much for your hard work. I enjoy it very much.