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Stay tuned (May 3rd 2018)
« on: May 02, 2018, 10:18:50 PM »
I find myself in a position to write for a moment. There are several of us on the AI War 2 forum whom are not directly involved in the actual coding of the game. There is a very special number who do, from my personal knowledge there is x4000 (also known as Chris), Keith who is hired part time. There is also Badger, who in my humble opinion has done magic in introducing minor factions. There is Eric, who is doing a lot of UI work. There are others…but the others are those like me. We provide our own perspectives, those who play it…those who can find when there is a unique circumstance which is fun and expanded on, and the dead ends to close. We are needed as well.

So for those of us whom I think closest too, how do you think we can best give the front line guidance to the five waves that Keith will give. Chris has given a clue to this in his opening wave pivot, and eventually keith will give the first wave (I’m guessing 3 weeks, with a spread of 2 – 5 weeks).

I will test Badger’s dark spire minor faction for sure. But I can’t give advanced map designs or AI a go, I will be staying on the default options.I can the advocate of someone of the mass assault doctrine…I made it work in AIW 1 and will make it work here if at all possible.

If anyone is good with deep strike tactics/ doctrine, it will need an honest attempt with the knowledge it may not be easy or normally feasible…the toolkit just may not be there yet. It was there in AIW 1 and so it should be really advocated by someone who could make it work in AIW 1.

If there is a hardcore turtle, please advocate the tools you used most before, and how you can or cannot advocate it now. Likewise for anyone who is experience in using small number of mobile defensive forces will still having a strong offensive front.

Not everything that needs to be tested will be able to at least wave 3 I think, but some can be done by wave two. I’m just trying to keep attention to this topic, since it is necessary that there is a drought of information for the time being…

Stay tuned everyone…like in much of game design, the last 20% of the project is where 80% of the “exciting” work is done. Buckle up!
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Re: Stay tuned (May 3rd 2018)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2018, 10:56:29 AM »
I plan to have every minor faction included when the pivot comes around. I'm very interested in seeing how these various factions interact with each other and will be paying close attention to this--my feedback will be focused here on how "busy" the galaxy feels. Classic was somewhat static given that the AI was more or less of a turtle and I'm hoping to see a lot more dynamism as the AI will have other threats to contend with

My general strategy is to exploit all AIP reducers because I play high AIP. I find good chokepoints to turtle up and launch deepstrikes to clear territory for either later expansion or as a refueling station to launch more deepstrikes.

These campaigns take a long time and I won't be having as much free time but I'll try to provide feedback when I can

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Re: Stay tuned (May 3rd 2018)
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2018, 12:50:46 PM »
Initially I will be testing the various aggressive AI personalities on medium to higher difficulty with only the Trader minor faction enabled. The other minor factions really look fun but I’m going to focus giving feedback to make sure the AI is sufficiently devious, interesting and, above all, fun to play against without the awesome wrinkles the minor factions bring to the table. I figure if the foundation is as good as it can be, everything else will be that much better.
My play style in the first game involved keeping the AIP as low as possible, deep striking, surgical striking, beach-heading, warheads, turrets, turrets and more turrets. Essentially, I’m a Kahuna disciple but at a fraction of the skill level. :)  I’m going to attempt to play that way post-pivot-AIW2 while testing the above and see where it takes me.