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Title: So... it's been a while. AI War II remarks. Semi fresh eyes.
Post by: kasnavada on September 14, 2019, 12:57:40 AM
Hello there. I doubt people remember me so much, but in any case, I'm a long term fan here.

I just restarted AI War II, and am there to propose a few QoL & balance changes, after a few games.

I think I'll group "main remarks" in this thread and other subjects in others...

Anyway, main remark currently is that the game plays rather well, it flows rather well.
I do get back the AI War experience but sufficient things have changed so it's still new. :) Congratz !

That said, a few things bothered me a bit.
1) Main UI and game first impression when starting. (
2) Fleet management (
3) Research (hacking)
4) Resource flow (treated in research).
5) Defensive options & forcefields (I think it's a side effect of research). My only gripe here is that with the reduction of the number of forcefields, it's way harder to create choking points to protect your economic stations. That said, if I felt like I could upgrade said forcefields or unlock safely more turrets without falling at 0 energy... maybe I wouldn't.

Things I like out of the box:
1) the new flow of the game, it's smoother, faster than before. Could be a bit faster still, but it feels better than AI1 for me.
2) Factions & the possibility of multiple AI.
3) Configurable starting fleets & loadout !!
4) New reprisal waves.
5) A lot of the "less interesting" things in the game were removed. Made better. Like ship building & ferrying, rebuilding broken stuff, rebuilding & configuring engineers...
6) Re capturing by the AI !

PS: This will probably be edited later as I create the other subjects.
PS2: I think I'm done with the edits. Enjoy !