Author Topic: Brainstorming about offense vs defense, and refleeting speeds.  (Read 7577 times)

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Re: Brainstorming about offense vs defense, and refleeting speeds.
« Reply #60 on: April 09, 2018, 07:12:23 PM »
3. But, that said, relating to #2, what if these things were different based on the planets that were seeded there?  So you have a SETSSOF at lightning planets that gives some sort of power boost and is called something like the "Electro SETSSOF" or whatever, and maybe gives some other passive bonuses locally.  Then on a gas giant, you have a "Hydrogen SETSSOF," which gives extra fuel and does something else like maybe giving a speed boost, etc.  Maybe on gas giants its a random roll between the "Hydrogen SETSSOF" and the "Gravity Assist SETSSOF," the latter of which gives a major gravity advantage to whoever controls the planet.

I'm HUGELY in favor of this idea (albeit with qualifications such as made by Badger). What I love about this is that I will actually be able to look at the background planet and have it influence my decision on how to deal with it. Because right now the planets are merely background set pieces, "cosmo-etic" fluff (couldn't resist the pun haha)

I think in principle the varied SETSOFF sound cool. But I think it doesn't really help one of the issues I'm concerned about, which is the degree to which high-power planets (or the lack thereof) can really affect gameplay.

I share this sentiment; it sucks when you have a great potential chokepoint lack the requiste power supply. Power might need to be restructured so it isn't (as) variable as other resources.

So lets say I'm defending Murdoch and I have a Gravity SETSOFF. It's not strong enough though, so I go capture a few more planets with Gravity SETSOFF, then upgrade Murdoch's SETSOFF a bunch.

I like this idea too. Makes the bonuses of certain planets more compelling in the decision process to conquer or just neuter

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Re: Brainstorming about offense vs defense, and refleeting speeds.
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Fortresses as special forces is an awesome idea, and as long as they can planet-hop totally fits what I was looking for.  :)  Plus there's a lot you could do to expand that idea in interesting ways for defensive choices - maybe a later expansion could add different kinds of fortresses (this one is faster but lightly armored, this one deploys droneships, etc).  If mobile forts are meant to be a major part of a player's defensive terrain in addition to an emergency reserve, it might even make sense to have a special "fortress cap" and things that affect that cap.

Anyway, that's all theorycrafting, but I love the basic idea.

I also like the idea of the SETSSOF (I think you are stuck with that acronym now :P ).  More ways of adding terrain to the galaxy map and forcing hard choices is good IMO.