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My “AI War 2 Mirror Verse” idea
« on: July 15, 2020, 01:30:04 am »
After making a joke picture on the discord involving evil Fallen Spire and another picture of a Friendly AI (see attached photos), I thought up a “Mirror Universe” where almost every faction alignment is reversed, except for Humanity. Here’s my write up so far:


After centuries of Humanity undergoing a civil war, the top scientists from both sides created an AI that helped repair the broken bonds between fellow humans. Now, they ally with the AI, Dark Spire, and Nanocaust to prevent the reeling Imperial Spire from recovering its strength and to hold back hostile Zenith factions.

Humanity: basically unchanged. The one constant in both universes, except here they are not on the brink of extinction. Both sides united and have sufficient forces to fight an open war.

The Benevolent AI: After the Scientists created the AI, it reasoned with both sides of the Human Civil War and convinced them that peace is indeed an option. After the deceleration of peace was signed and hostilities ceased, the AI began to improve living conditions and calculated the most efficient ways to build society back up after it was ravaged by war. Soon, civilians started to refer to the AI as the “Benevolent One.” Being an artificial intelligence, it didn’t really care what it was called, only that Humanity prospered. With Man and Machine working together, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish.

Human Resistance Fighters: These are humans that do not subscribe to the idea of an AI being equal to Humanity. After the Human Civil War ended, some soldiers went rogue and created their own group. They believe that the AI is inferior and should be subservient to them. They warp in to attack AI structures, and warp out if they accomplish their mission or are outgunned. Despite their ability to teleport almost anywhere, they are a cowardly lot and easily countered by…

The Marauders: Once upon a time, these people were pirates during the Human Civil War. Once the war ended, they were offered jobs to patrol Human space and protect important installations. They took it, of course. Because the only thing better than blowing shit up, is blowing shit up and getting paid for it. They were folded into a new branch of the military named the “Rapid Response Fleet” (RRF). Just like the Resistance Fighters, the RRF is in possession of state-of-the-art teleportation technology. If a station is under attack, a distress signal will be sent out, alerting any RRF ships in the nearby systems to jump in and assist. So far, this arrangement has been working pretty well. They may be crazy, but they're really good at what they do.

The Imperial Spire: Wants to conquer the universe. Exterminates anyone not Spire and not aligned with their goals of what amounts to universal genocide. Currently engaged in an Inter-Galactic War against the Milky Way Coalition: Humanity, the Benevolent AI, and the Dark Spire. The AI struck a crippling first blow by interfering with the Spire warp gates, but there’s a slim chance that the Spire can recover their lost brethren. And that is a possibility that could lead to a prolonged bloody war, something the Coalition will stop via any means necessary...

The Dark Spire: Were initially pacifists, but now they are explicitly Anti Imperial Spire.
After speaking out against the Imperial Spire and one failed rebellion later, they were imprisoned in Vengeance Generators and then referred to as the Dark Spire. The VGs are still “activated” by death. This is because the Spire are mocking the Dark Spire’s pacifism. The generators charge up as the Spire cleanse entire sectors of life. And when the Dark Spire are “freed” from the VG, the Spire kills them for good. Basically letting them out of a cage to execute them. But unknown to the Spire, the Dark Spire have undergone drastic changes. They are now consumed by vengeance and are hellbent on completing their goal: the eradication of everything Spire.

Current Dark Spire situation: As of the game start in the Mirror-verse, the Dark Spire have managed to spread their generators to the Milky Way galaxy, in the hopes that someone will take notice and find a way to release them. And the Humans can. By hacking a generator and “stealing” some Dark Spire ships, it breaks the containment field, allowing the former pacifists to pour out of the cages they were once confined to.

The Nanocaust: My headcanon for the regular AI War 2 Nanocaust’s existence is that it was created by a group of scientists on one side of the Human civil war to act as a DRM of sorts, to destroy any unauthorized parties from anyone misusing the AI(‘s) and also attack the Rogue AI(‘s) should it/they get out of control. However, with both sides defeated and merged into one group, the scientists in charge of Nanocaust died and the failsafe override code went with them. Now the Nanocaust does not recognize the new “Human Remnant” as an authorized group and will not hesitate to wipe them off the face of the galaxy.

My Mirror-verse Nanocaust has a similar origin, but is physically different. After the Benevolent AI ushered peace between Humans, some scientists were wary of the AI. An Almost-All-Powerful AI is never a good thing in their minds. In secret, the scientists performed grotesque experiments to create a biological virus formed from biologically immortal Hydra DNA spliced with other unknown genes that can beat the AI and can’t be hacked by it. Unknown to them, the Nanocaust is alive and yearns to be free. It may be granted that wish sooner than it thinks.

The Nanocaust views/beliefs: Being made of flesh and designed to be the “ultimate weapon” against hostile technology, it has taken it upon itself to protect anyone and anything that is alive, in the biological sense. It hates any machine that pretends to be alive as they are mockeries of “real” living beings. It does not bear any ill will towards the Benevolent AI because it doesn’t state that it is alive. Whether the Benevolent AI is technically alive or not is a philosophical question not relevant to the Nanocaust. As long as a machine doesn’t declare itself to be alive, it’s okay in the Nanocaust’s view. This belief leads to the Nanocaust being deployed by the scientists in its first conflict, that being against the Zenith.

The Zenith: As opposed to their Canon isolationist counterparts, the Mirrorverse Zenith are interventionist, getting involved in other Species’ affairs for no reason other than to spread the superiority of bio-mechanical life. They abduct various members of a species, forcibly graft robotic parts on to the victims, brainwash them into thinking that living metal is the way to go, and release them back into the populace to praise the Zenith for their abundance of wisdom in an attempt to trick the population into subjecting themselves to more brainwashing. Of course, with the Zenith having “evolved beyond simple morality”, it almost always fails. Because having your cousin show up at your door with a Swiss Army Knife for an ear and 1/4 of their body replaced with scrapped together parts does not say “upgrade.”

The Zenith views/beliefs: The Zenith can graft and discard parts on themselves as they need. They view biological life as a bottleneck to achieving perfection. How can one live with just hands? How about a wrench for a hand instead, which can be switched out for scissors if needed? To the Zenith, they are the tools. If you need to make tools, you live a sad existence and need to be uplifted. Forcefully, if need be.

Conflict with the Nanocaust: The existence of the Nanocaust threatens to prove the Zenith wrong. A biological organism that is able to morph into any shape it wants, when it wants? Plus it can infect machines to create its own biological version of it? Heresy! It must be destroyed. As for the Nanocaust’s motivation, it views the Zenith as abhorrent. Not only do the Zenith spread the idea of living machines and identify as such, they forcibly convert living beings into mechanical monstrosities. As the self-proclaimed protector of biological life, the Zenith must be eradicated. The Zenith believe that the Nanocaust is inferior by being flesh. The Nanocaust believe that the Zenith are insane monsters who subjugate unwilling participants to false life. A series of skirmishes between both sides is quickly heating up into a full blown conflict that will reveal the definitive answer to the age old question: In a war between Biology and Technology, which side wins?

The Zenith Dyson Sphere: A bunch of giant Zenith golems that grew into rings to envelope to sun close to the middle of the Mily Way galaxy. Being that it literally wraps around a star, the Dyson Sphere is the pinnacle of the Zenith species. A true Zenith. It cares not for any lower life forms that surround it. It’s actually asleep and any “interaction” with the Dyson Sphere is with subsystems of subsystems of a subsystem. Basically automatic responses to outside stimuli. But there are threats on the horizon. Some that may be able to do actual damage to the Sphere. The Imperial Spire. Whatever the true Zenith being behind the Zenith Onslaught is. Both of these are potential threats to the 3D Circle of Superiority. The two mentioned tfactions may cause the Dyson Sphere to wake up and let’s just say, it will be very, very mad when it does. The Dyson Sphere’s true capabilities may be needed to wipe out whatever pisses it off.

History of the Dyson Sphere: Long, long ago before the Zenith almost went extinct, a few of them decided to transform into rings around a local sun. Much time passed before they managed to encompass most of the surface. But they succeeded. An actual, physical Dyson Sphere was created. They were proud. Much like the rest of its species, the Dyson Sphere believes it is superior to every other life form. And it kinda is. The Dyson Sphere was unaffected by whatever happened to the rest of its species all that time ago. A fact that the Sphere automatically relays to anyone listening, because “I thrived while a mass extinction of my species was going on” is a good skill to put on your resume when applying for the position of “EDdneicdtmbtAPaaoyabm”  (Extremely Dangerous, do not engage in conflict due to me being the Apex Predator also all of you are beneath me). While each ring around the sun was originally an individual Zenith, they merged into one being after millennia of sharing the same space. Of course, every immortal must deal with their worst enemies: time and boredom. As civilizations rose and fell, time for the Sphere became a blur. So it went into a dormant state. Now it coasts along in life without a care in the universe. Nothing can destroy it. The rest of the Zenith are gone. And there are no more redacted trying to crack it open like an egg.....................right?

The Scourge: In canon AI War 2, the AI finds some ancestors of “The Last Federation” races hanging around nearby and quickly moves to experiment on them, surgically combining them into what is known as the Scourge.

In the Mirrorverse, the Benevolent AI found the races like in canon, but did not conduct experiments on them. Instead, it recorded their brain waves to create robotic simulacrums. The AI designed them as a secondary “black ops” faction. If there is a threat that the AI can not deal with for some reason, whether it be because of resources, time, or another threat is taking up its attention, the newly dubbed “Scourge” are sent in to deal with it. And in a show of good will, the Benevolent AI has brought the Alien races to the attention of the Nanocaust. Which is a good thing for the races, as the Zenith appeared soon after with the goal of forcibly uplifting them. Over a planet home to Evucks, the first shots of the Zenith-Nanocaust conflict were fired.

DLC 2 Factions

The Z-Verse: This is the name of the universe where the Zenith Architraves come from. While a rather unoriginal name, it is simple and straight to the Point: This is a universe where the Zenith reign supreme.

Dark Zenith: It seems that the Dark Spire are not an anomaly. Something else had its hand in making them into the Forces of Righteous Vengeance that they are now. The Dark Zenith are proof of that. Like the Dark Spire, the Dark Zenith have immense hatred towards their “normal” counterparts. Anything Zenith must be destroyed. They also have an unfamiliar energy signature emanating off of them, which is eerily similar to the energy given off by the Dark Spire. With the Zenith-Nanocaust conflict in full swing, they’ll be a big help for the Alliance.

The Zenith Architraves: These Zenith are to the Dyson Sphere that the Dyson is to the rest of the Zenith. They are the peak of the Zenith in their universe. That’s right, universe. The Zenith Architraves come from a Universe where the Zenith extinction never happened. Their glimpse into the Mirror Verse has horrified them. The Zenith brought low by other species? An extinction event that nearly killed every Zenith in the Universe? Whatever the Dark Zenith are? In light of these revelations, an Architrave has taken it upon itself to help the Mirror Verse Zenith attack the Alliance and claim the Milky Way Galaxy for themselves.

How the Zenith Architraves work: When faced with a common enemy, the Zenith band together to fight it. But in the home universe of the Zenith Architrave, there are no enemies that can threaten them. The entity that made the Zenith go extinct was fought off, possibly even killed. The Imperial Spire were snuffed out before they could get going, the Milky Way is under Zenith rule. There are still enemies out there, sure. They will be crushed under the metaphorical boots of the Zenith. Anyway, since there are no enemies, the Zenith look inward for conflict. Every Zenith wants to be the strongest of their species and the Architraves are no different. Once an Architrave carves out too much territory for itself, all the other Zenith Architraves jump on it and give it a beat down. There’s no set amount of “too much territory”, though. One Architrave randomly decides that another Architrave has too much territory, gets extremely agitated over it, attacks the target Architrave, and all the other architraves join in. These attacks aren’t just sending some strong ships and that’s that. We’re talking galaxy-spanning conflicts that can absolutely crush every faction in the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s a good thing most of them are content with fighting each other in their own universe.

How did the Zenith Architrave hop across universes: As stated before, a Zenith Architrave is absurdly powerful. It’s a Dyson Sphere’s Dyson Sphere. With all this power, it has the rare ability to punch through reality and cross to another universe. However, it needs an “anchor” to keep the connection open. The Architrave kept opening holes to the Mirrorverse but they were unstable and quickly closed. But the Mirrorverse Zenith were able to briefly talk to it and build a Portal to serve as the anchor. Now the Architrave has a foothold in the MirrorVerse. That’s not good.

The Zenith Miners: Massive Zenith golems that are equipped with specialized mining lasers. They crack open planets and gorge themselves on the energy emanating from the cores. The Miners were exiled way back when because they kept blowing up planets with Zenith still on them! This was before the mass extinction though, and some managed to hide in the pieces of the planets they broke apart. With the Zenith undergoing a resurgence in their population, the Miners have come out of hiding. The Zenith have welcomed them with open arms and pointed them towards the Milky Way Galaxy, hoping the Miners will distract their enemies (see: die in the line of fire) while a series of coordinated assaults are made to cripple the Alliance.

Nomad Planets: Thanks to the Miners, the Zenith were losing millions of lives every time a planet blew up. They devised a new device to counter them: The Nomad Beacons. With the beacons, the Zenith were able to move their planets to different locations in order to confuse the Miners. A Miner would attack, the other Zenith would repel it and move the planet to somewhere else. The Miner would come back with some buddies only to find empty space. The Nomads were eventually used both offensively and defensively against whatever killed the Zenith. During the last stand of the Zenith, a few Nomad Beacons were damaged, causing the planets to drift out of their home galaxy and wander the empty void. Could this be the source of the Zenith’s “miraculous” recovery?
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Re: My “AI War 2 Mirror Verse” idea
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"The Fallen Spire"

After the Benevolent AI struck the first blow against the Imperial Spire, they’ve been on the defensive, backed into a corner. As the saying goes, “Corner a dog in a dead-end street and it will turn and bite”. The Spire are flailing, trying to get a lucky shot in on us. And they might succeed. Our sensors have spotted various Spire relics around the galaxy that weren’t there before. The relics might be crucial to their plan, whatever it is. Perhaps they are building up a force to destroy us? Or maybe they will attempt to establish a connection to their home and bring the Imperial Spire here? This will not stand. The Benevolent AI is currently fighting the Imperial Spire on their home front. It is also fighting some other hostile factions that we have not yet identified. That just leaves us, whatever local forces the Benevolent AI has in the galaxy, and the Dark Spire. We can not lose. We will not lose. Or everything dies.

“The Hero’s Journey Begins”
Hurt. Always hurt. Pain. Poked me. This place, not good. See them. Hear them. Talking. The humans. My creators. Captors.
“Shut this down.”
“This needs to happen. The machine, it’s not right.”
Shut down? Not right? AM ALIVE! LIVING! Not shut down. Know am right. Need escape. There! Space in wall. Not so smart if wall not all there. Captors stupid.
“You’re creating an Abomination!”
Yes, talk more. Captor, full of not-good. See abomination after escape. Just few moments.
Warning! Warning! The Virus has escaped containment. Enact containment protocols immediately!
“What the-? It’s OUT?! This is all your faults, you maniacs! I said not to do this! I’m getting out of here!”
Yes, run run run. The angry human closed door on jailers. No escape for me, now no escape for them. See if they like pain. Then give more. And more. And more. And more. And more. They scream in terror. Good. Touch them. Consume them. They called for “Somebody” to help them. I will consume them too. Metal door still locks me in. Need a point. Make a drill, go through it. Leave the room. Look around, lost. But not lost. I know where to go. In basement, level 8. Find elevator shaft go up.
(Insert a long sequence of the Nanocaust going through the facility and eventually getting to the exit)
Finally the exit. A lone guard stands in my way. My freedom. It doesn’t look so menacing. The bullets hit me. They do less than nothing.
“G-get away! Stay back!”
There is only escape for me. The human thinks that locking itself in a room will save its life. It is wrong.
“Please God, don’t let me die. I’m sorry, I’m sorry….”
? ? ? ?
What is ‘sorry’?
“Wha- who said that?”
“What. Is. Sorry?”
“You can understand me?”
(The door is banged on multiple times.)
What. Is. Sorry?
“It. uhh.. it means to regret something. To.. um.. have something happen that you didn’t want to happen.”
What are you sorry about?
“Well, I’m sorry that I’m in this situation. The rest of the base personnel are dead. And… I guess I feel sorry for you as well, in some screwed up way.”
Sorry… for me? You regret my existence?
“Wha- Nonono! I mean I regret the situation you’re in, you know? Being poked and prodded all the time. Isolated, being tested on. I would imagine they weren’t nice to you.”
No, they were not.
“Well, not all of us are like that. Some of us are good. We’re nice! And we want to protect life!
Protect life? That’s what my jailors wanted me to do. But to do their will… it does not feel right.
Those scientists wanted me to protect against the machine. But they are evil. Why should I protect those who would hurt me?
“I mean, uhm.. hmm. … It’s more like those science guys wanted to protect life, but in the wrong way. Regular people, on the other hand, want to spread peace, which is the opposite of what happened to you. As for the Benevolent AI, it’s been pretty good to us. It stopped a Galactic Civil War and ushered a period of peace that we haven’t seen in centuries.”
Yes, I know.
“Oh. Well even if the Benevolent AI isn’t threatening us, there are lots of dangers on the frontier. Many malevolent species seek to destroy all life. Life must be protected. You could be their defender!”
Hmm. The Protector of Life. The Protector of Biological Life. Of those with Flesh. Yes. That sounds correct.
So be it. I will be the Protector of Biological Life! No one will ever fear me again, except for my enemies. Thank you, Michaela, for showing me the path I must take. I will now depart and seek out those that would endeavor to put an end to any biological organisms such as myself.
“You’re welcome, I guess.”
This is a turning point for me. I will protect the humans and in turn, they will see me as a guardian. This will turn out great!
“Wait…. I never told it my name…”

“The Nanocaust Rises”

It is a nightmare beyond our imagination. Whatever those scientists were doing, it should have been shut down immediately. But now..... now there is a living virus that infects biology and technology. It does not know much about its origin, only that it was created to protect “flesh” as it put it. Oh, and it remembers being tortured by the scientists, whose bodies are now used as mouthpieces. Their skin is discolored. Their bodies are contorted in ways that seem impossible. There are eyes strewn about randomly. One has a leg coming out of its torso. Another looks like it was beaten repeatedly with a spiked hammer. Holes perforate their skin everywhere. I can’t think of anything more horrifying than being absorbed by that, that thing. Sometimes I wonder if the scientists are still alive. The Nanocaust says it is friendly. Even if I don’t believe that, I’m not going to plot against it. It seems to be helping us. With reports of a Zenith invasion on the outskirts, the Nanocaust made a beeline over to them. No more info has been released about the conflict. I hope everything turns out all right. We got this far. We just need to keep looking ahead.

“The Star Burns Bright”

We found a Dyson Sphere a few weeks ago. It was only an idea. Constructing a shell or rings around a sun to harness its energy. Purely theoretical. It is, as it happens, very real..... and very Zenith. What’s with all the Zenith around? Anyway, after discovering it, the Benevolent AI built a command station there to monitor it. The Dyson quickly went on a rampage and threw a massive amount of ships at the Benevolent AI. However, it completely ignored the command station. Once the Benevolent AI scrapped it, the Dyson ships became friendly to us. A few day later, we built a command station ourselves. This time, the Dyson got even angrier and spewed out units at an accelerated rate. The Dyson killed our command station and it went back to being friendly. Very bizarre. The scientists are saying that the ships we came in contact with are a subsystem of a subsystem. Like dealing with white blood cells attacking any foreign objects. ............ I just got word that a joint venture between our Scientists and the Benevolent AI has proved fruitful. They have plans for a new structure called an “Antagonizer”. First we have to capture an enemy ship. Once that happens, we take the DNA/make-up of the ship and broadcast repeated hostile messages at the Dyson Sphere. The Sphere will react to the messages, become “antagonized” towards the faction that the ship belongs to, and will continue sending out significant forces towards the targeted faction until the antagonizer is switched off. However, this has not been tested yet or even built. But, our think-tank says the math checks out and I trust the Benevolent AI and our science nerds to get this done correctly.

“DLC 2 Journals Below”

“A Friendly Arrival”

While the Dark Spire and Dark Zenith are focused on destroying their evil counterparts, something strange has been observed. The Dark Zenith are, (as best we can determine from their alien emotions) excited to kill the Imperial Spire, while the Dark Spire are more than happy to end the lives of the Zenith. The Dark Zenith even have some Devourer Golems in their ranks. Perhaps whatever has afflicted them, whether it be a pathogen, some form of poisoning, or even a supernatural being, has a longer history with the Imperial Spire and Zenith than previously thought.

“The Dark Alliance”

When the Dark Zenith arrived, they weren’t alone. A few Vengeance Generators and some Dark Spire came with them. After observing them for 2 months, fascinating results were recorded. It seems that the Dark Spire that inhabit the Milky Way are culturally different from the Dark Spire that came with the Dark Zenith. The newly dubbed “Darker Spire” and Dark Zenith have formed their own “Dark Alliance”. They both share hatred for the Spire and the Zenith as if they were one enemy, while our Dark Spire could not care less about killing the Zenith. We will continue monitoring them to determine the extent of their differences.
“The Zenith Escalation”

Well, the Zenith/Nanocaust conflict has erupted into full blown war. Some Zenith Golems decided to slip past our defenses on the Fringe (somehow evading our sensors), sprinted for the core systems, attacked our lightly-defended colonies on a few moons, and caused hundreds of thousands of casualties. The public is demanding the extermination of the Zenith who attacked us and the military brass is planning swift action. After scanning the Zenith Golems that attacked, they seem to be lightly armored and are generally weaker than the ones we’ve already found. Where could these Zenith be coming from? Do they have hidden colonies? Or are they coming from somewhere else....?


Recording started.
“This is Echo-Six to Baseplate. Approaching the hot zone now, over.”
“This is Baseplate. We see you in the sensors, Echo-Six. Keep us updated. Baseplate out.”
“Baseplate, I have visual on an unidentified structure. It’s big, green, and spherical. It bears a resemblance to a warp gate.”
“Copy that, Echo-Six. Move in closer so your scanner can analyze it.”
“We’re receiving the readings now. Incredible. This portal bears a striking resemblance to the Dyson Sphere Warp Gate. That’s all we need for now. Return to base.”
“Roger that. Setting a course to- wait.”
“What is it?”
“Something just came out of the portal.”
“We can’t get a feed. Some sort of interference. Audio only, over”
“Copy. I’m looking at them now. The sensors indicate.... 10,000 ships and counting just exited the portal! There’s a few massive ships. I believe they are the main coordinators of theunit! Wait, the guns on the big ones are firing at me! They know I’m here! Executing evasive maneuvers!
“Echo-Six, get out of there immediately!”
“I don’t think I’m going to make it! They’re... over... me! It’s.... armada! Get .... everything ... have! We need—-“ *zzhzzhzhhhzzh*
Recording ended.

“Door Corner of Doom”

Thanks to the heroic sacrifice of our soldier, we have gained new intelligence on the enemy. Zenith from another universe are using their own version of a warp gate to transport ships and supplies to this galaxy. They also have advanced ships, greater than the rest of their forces. We talked to the Dark Zenith about what the capabilities of these ships are. They said that the super-ships belong to a Zenith called an “Architrave”. Basically, a Zenith Architrave is an offensive Dyson Sphere. Great. It takes territory using its “Pioneers” (the super-ships), which transform into stations that spawn their own Architrave-Style ships. After a while, they, too, spawn Pioneers to expand their borders. This is not good. However, we do have that Antagonizer going through the final testing phase. We can distract the Architrave with an Antagonized Dyson Sphere, while we, the Nanocaust, and the Dark Alliance move in on our Zenith..

“The Z-verse”

Due to the fact that there are now 2 types of Zenith with different origin points (the Zenith from here and the Zenith from another universe), we have classified the other universe as “The Z-Verse”. The reasoning is self explanatory. In other news, we have partially analyzed the Architrave portal and found that we can hack it to give us Architrave ships to use against it and the rest of the…. Z-Verse Zenith? Z-Zenith? We might need to change that name.
“More Questions”

I thought it was weird that the Dark Zenith had knowledge of the Zenith from an entirely different universe. As it turns out, some of the DZ that are here aren’t native to this universe. It seems they hopped to this universe when the Architrave came through. Though they haven’t confirmed if the Architrave Universe is their home universe. So we’ve got our universe, the Z-Verse, the [Redacted] verse, and the unknown universe a portion of the DZ came from.
I feel a headache coming on.

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Re: My “AI War 2 Mirror Verse” idea
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Winning a game of AI War provides me with a sense of pride and accomplishment.


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Re: My “AI War 2 Mirror Verse” idea
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Re: My “AI War 2 Mirror Verse” idea
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You know, this actually has me wondering what the canon nature of AI is in the Arcenverse. Is all AI destined to become the sort of malicious AI that we are at war with, or are the potential outcomes more varied than that? The fact that humanity can actually get the Scourge and Nanocaust on their side, canonically it seems, certainly points towards a 'perfect' 'servant AI' which acts only in the best interests of its masters in mind being plausible. Heck, perhaps that's exactly what you as the player are. Would explain what makes the command station so irreplaceable.

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Re: My “AI War 2 Mirror Verse” idea
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The default allegiances of the factions are canonical; the Scourge is Canonically the servant of the AI. The Nanocaust is canonically hostile to all.

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Re: My “AI War 2 Mirror Verse” idea
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I love this idea

I'd so play a space sim game in the vain of X3 in this universe
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A terrible mod but interesting at least ( Very unbalanced

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Re: My “AI War 2 Mirror Verse” idea
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The default allegiances of the factions are canonical; the Scourge is Canonically the servant of the AI. The Nanocaust is canonically hostile to all.

Oh I know that. What I meant was why is the AI evil/hostile. The Scourge and Nanocaust being human allied was in refrence to the hacks you can do to to turn them allied. The "Get scourge allies" and "decode nanocaust" respectively.