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Stealth Fleets - General Operations Oddities
« on: November 10, 2019, 07:38:57 AM »
Having at least one fleet that is entirely stealth capable is likely the one single thing that every player utilises. I use mine all of the time; they're pretty much essential.

I have noticed a couple of oddities that may or may not be a bug, or just my wonky understanding of the way things work.

1. Cloaking Capacitor Recharge.

As far as I can see, a ship's Cloaking capacitor only refreshes after it has been ran down to zero and even then after a short period of not firing. If a ship has a few hundred Cloaking points left in its capacitor it will _never_ recharge back to maximum, no matter how many times you load and unload it. Only after it has fired and fully ran down its capacitor will the recharge mechanic start.

I don't know if this is working as intended but it creates considerable problems when readying a Stealth fleet for a deep strike because once you arrive you've got no idea how much time you've got under full stealth before de-cloaked ships start to attract early attention. At present the only way you can almost guarantee that all of your stealth ships have a full capacitor is to find a target and deliberately let them all run down their remaining charge on that target before you load them up for a deep strike mission. That's a bit daft, really.

Possible fix: the capacitor recharge timer doesn't wait until the capacitor is empty before starting.

2. Cloaked Ships Opening Fire On Unload From Transport.

Even after ensuring that every ship in the fleet has a fully charged Cloaking capacitor (see above), and ensuring that the fleet is set to Hold Fire (aka. Preserve Cloaking), upon unload _some_ of the cloaked ships still open fire. I can never quite see which ships fire. It happens over and over again but isn't 100% repeatable behaviour. It doesn't happen if you unload out of range of any targets and then move toward your prey, under cloak as expected.
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