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Re: Impasse
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As for luring ships, generally you can't. There are some situations where they'll come after you, but its more specific-situation than something you can do to any unit (e.g. defenders of a fixed structure will stick near their defend-target, but if you blew it up, those defenders get converted to Free Threat which follows different rules).
Indeed, killing a couple of ship storages/guard posts was enough to attract about 30Str of threat ships from Akka, twice. I gave up though, Akka kept reinforcing too fast for my taste, despite the 20AIP reduction

Counterattacks are still hefty, after I poked Akka (took down a reinforcement storage).

You can arrange your defenses more efficiently, check Kahuna's AI War 1 guide (yeah I know, it's 7 years old :P ), part 3.2 "Defense / Proper positioning"!/