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AI fleet parking on my planets

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Trying a fallen spire campaign at the moment and it's very unpleasant to play.
AI just... doesn't move and spawns and stays at my occupied planet. It's now reaching numbers in excess of 1000 fleet power and increasing.

Is it supposed to do that ?

Seems unlikely to be a good idea? You should upload a save


Thanks for looking into it !

I really am serious about the intended part though. But at diff 7 numbers seem kinda high, but it's fallen spire, so. Dunno.

This is a bug. The AI's threat there is against the Fallen Spire, but from the Game's POV there are no fallen spire units active, only player ships (that happen to be spire themed, but they belong to the player faction).

There are a couple paths forward. The easiest is to say "If there is AI threat against a particular faction X, and there are no planets with X's forces, and X is allied to the player, this threat will drop the requirement that it be against X and just go after the player"

Would you mind making a mantis ticket with this save and both of our comments so this doesn't get lost?

Sure, here :



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