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Title: Doesn't run on MacOS (Catalina) 10.15
Post by: Sounds on October 12, 2019, 10:17:24 AM
Just tried to boot it up on my Mac and it doesn't seem to run on MacOs (Catalina) 10.15. The game its being reported as a 32bit application. Is this  a bug?
Title: Re: Doesn't run on MacOS (Catalina) 10.15
Post by: x4000 on October 12, 2019, 12:43:26 PM
It's not a 32bit application, but it's also not a signed application. I was doing it as universal (32bit and 64bit). It looks like, thanks to the way apple is going to be requiring applications to be notarized for Catalina and up that I won't be able to support any OSX versions of 10.15 and up unless they reverse this or unity finds a way to make it easier to work around. Valve themselves are recommending that if you want to play most games on OSX, you keep a separate install of 10.14 or earlier.

This came absolutely out of the blue for me, and I'm extremely disappointed in Apple's anti-independent developer practices. I've been waiting and hoping that they'll make some sort of concession or that someone will find some workaround, but thus far nothing has come up in the two weeks or so I've been aware of this.

More info is here:

I'm feeling pretty betrayed by Apple at the moment, to be honest. They're doing something anti-consumer in a lot of respects and it's going to make a lot of game developers look like the bad guys while they do so. My bet is that the number of apple products available starts to drop because of this, aside from whatever is already sold through their app store (since those already would not be affected). It's a very anti-competitive thing they've got going on, and I really hope they change it quickly.
Title: Re: Doesn't run on MacOS (Catalina) 10.15
Post by: Sounds on October 12, 2019, 07:33:00 PM
Ugh, sounds like a lot real anti-consumer stuff going on. Not too worry I'll just go back to using the PC. I just mentioned it because I've a Mac laptop that's my secondary dev box that I recently upgraded to test the new OS. Seems I might just roll back to High Sierra and be done with the current Catalina woes.

Apple seem hell bent on driving away customers these days. My most likely scenario is once the laptop dies, I'll go back to win/linux secondary dev box.

Title: Re: Doesn't run on MacOS (Catalina) 10.15
Post by: Sounds on October 13, 2019, 08:12:20 AM
Just to let you know it started working again. Turns out the steam beta client is currently flagging this and many other games as 32bit under Catalina. Workaround for the moment is to NOT use the beta steam client.
Title: Re: Doesn't run on MacOS (Catalina) 10.15
Post by: x4000 on October 16, 2019, 07:40:29 PM
So, it turns out that the Steam client has a flag for that that I have to check to make it know it's 64bit.  That's now checked, so it should work in the new beta steam client.  WHY it works, I'm not sure -- without it being notarized, I'm surprised it is allowed to run.  There's nothing wrong with the game, as you've noticed, and it is indeed 64bit.  But Apple was basically saying that if it's not notarized then it won't let it run.  So... I was expecting it not to run.

I guess for some reason, at least for now on Catalina, it will work?  You can move back to the beta client and it should be okay.

But unless Apple reverses this insane policy, then I'm expecting a bunch of stuff to stop working all of a sudden in the future.

And anything 32bit is Right Out, which is annoying to put it super mildly.  Apparently that's hitting small businesses hard: