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Long term fan coming back to AI War 2 (Feedback/Idea)
« on: September 17, 2016, 02:25:10 AM »
I took a quick look. I last posted on the forum way way way back in Sept 2014!!!!!  :o

I took a quick read through the document that I just found just now. I had been following the news on/off over the hiatus. Had some fun with TLF and Starward Rogue. Wasn't a big fan of release the raptor like action genre games but ok. I won't hold it against you.

I notice there was a completely LACK of any mention on if neinzul hives static structure (NOT the neutral faction but the one built by player to hold neinzul in reserve otherwise would self-attrition) will make a return. I think it is safe to assume those will not return? Or perhaps change to be usable by player starting as Neinzul instead of other faction? Just for sake of clarification.1

What about "Neinzul Enclave/Combat Carriers"? Are they getting changed or axed? I suppose they could release squads of neinzul stuff with all traditional drawback of being a neinzul.

Furthermore, I notice that there were more "you don't/can't get those as faction X" incentive to pick Human over Zenith and Spire. Well in case of spire they DO make it up for their "OP-ness". I was wondering how do Zenith make up for a smaller roster of ships? Lot of hp?

I am asking since I had some games where nearly all of your ship choices (both unlocked and potential unlocks) were already soft-countered to a degree by the current roster of AI waves. Well to be more precise I could still use most of what I had. But they were ineffective unless I had a type available to clear those soft-counter. Thankfully those are relatively rare but they do happen.

I love the splitting of energy into power/fuel. It make sense on many level. Now here comes the but! However there were some game where I was having too much fun with deepstriking (25 hops or more on a 120 snake planet/solar system 7/7 galaxy).

Will there be any sorta of logistic/fuel penalty for trying to go too far from your own controlled space beside repairing/rebuilding/AI reactions? Now that we have energy per planet. Might as well do something about deep strike maybe? I am thinking of penalties like shoot slower or move slower in the same sense that you can not use spire scout mk1 to scout very far past 3-4 mk2 AI strongholds. As long it make sense and has a way to work around like going to a gas giant to use a "mobile-refinery" to fill up (Shameless stealing idea from Distant World here).

Will there be a "fuel brownout/shortage"? Anyone remember that reclaiming/self-replication could literally and figurative cause everything to power down and/or brownout? I know I lost one or two game this way.

Your sections on tech providing variation is pretty clear on that point. What was NOT clear at least to me is do those technologies (engine bore/hardening/what not) are restricted to only one time use forever?

Example: Unlocking Hardening for fighter. Then the tech become locked out for all other ships? Or can you unlock hardening for two different ship types? Unlocking hardening for fighter and bomber for two time the science cost as an example. I don't count Zenith/Spire that comes with some technologies already baked into themselves here. I am one of those type that likes to have access to as many options as possible and dislike having to make permanent choices that you can not go back and pick a different option. That said I am willing to try this new tech approach and give feedback.

I look forward to "Release THE Dark Spire Vengeance" to go all OUT on AI all over again this time around!2  :P

Yes that was a joke about performance. Look at the 2's link to see why. Also it was a memorable session all on it's own since it was a rare to see a minor faction go all rampage on AI without your help much/donation in a typical game.

Link for 1:
Link for 2:,12532.msg137068.html#msg137068


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