Author Topic: Coming up soon: graphical load testing tool (windows, linux, osx folks needed!)  (Read 11730 times)

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I'll volunteer my old, slow iMac 10.9 and my older, slower MacBook 10.6 .

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I have windows 10 and I would be more than happy to assist if needed.

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I should note that my low-end computer is still set  up and will likely remain for a few more days, but conceivable that it would be trivial to set it up again if necessary.
Due to a series of unfortunate events, it's actually running 64 bit (not 32), but still only has 4GB of ram.

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I'd be happy to help with this. I would be able to run the test on a midrange Windows 10 desktop, a Mac Pro and a Lenovo Ubuntu 16 laptop.


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Windows user reporting! I'll help out to :D

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I can volunteer a fairly beefy gaming PC and a Surface Pro 4.  Both on Win 10.

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I'm up for it. Got a Windows laptop and tower, plus another Fedora laptop and desktop.

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i have both a tower for my main setup with dual screen single video card and a couple laptops i could use to give you  a variety of results

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Sign me up!
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Sure thing, always keen to help. :)

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I am happy to see how many Linux users there are. :)

Count me in for Linux testings, and I may be able to do some testing on an older OSX machine as well.

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I would love to do some testing for you!

I can test on multiple desktop and mobile graphics cards, on Linux( Ubuntu and Steam OS as well as all Microsoft OSes from Windows XP to  10.

Just hook me up with the tool and I'll see what I can do. I can also test on multiple generations on integrated video chips...although a lot of people can test those.

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I am happy to see how many Linux users there are. :)
Yeah! If the trend continues, we will soon be requesting Windows testers! :D
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I volunteer for Linux and Windows testing (yay for having the cake and eating it) One crappy graphics card, one pretty good.

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Can run tests on a reasonably high end Windows rig (Core i7 @3.66, 16 Gb RAM and Nvidia 970 STRiX) and a very low end linux box (i3, nvidia 5xx something).
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