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AI War II: Design Document Updates Round 3: Ship Bays and AI Reinforcements

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New update to the design document that I figured I'd go ahead and note for feedback:

Ship bays: perfect.

AI reinforcement is basically "how to transform the old reinforcement mechanics into the ship bays".

All of it is perfect. I have the new tactical options that ship bays offer and love how reinforcements in practice function the same but are much cleaner in terms of performance.


--- Quote ---The destruction of certain kinds of buildings on the AI side, like perhaps supply trains or whatever else, could cause immediate drops of X amount of currency.
--- End quote ---

Hello Astro Trains! :D (Even more interesting if successfully completing a run gives the destination system a bonus or uses some of the currency there, making it very advantageous to reroute and sabtoage cargo cars on trains, rather than just ignoring them.)

ATM, this sounds awesome to me. It replaces a fiddly thing (Barracks) with something cleaner, provides a performance boost by effectively not having to acknowledge all those idle ships exist outside of an Int32, and it'll probably look really cool when you wake the planet up and ships start pouring out of the bays, Hollywood alien mothership style.

Bonus points if the AI wakes up a whole whack of them at once to pool into a CPA.

Awesome!  Glad to hear that one went down easier. :)

This was the intended design from a while back on these, but I was going to tuck this in with the space platforms (ship bays would have been a module on those, but work exactly the same).  Space platforms obviously didn't go over so well, heh, so this had to be modified slightly to add shipyards.  But beyond that it was all planned already, and I'm glad to see that I was in line with what you guys like already with that one, heh.


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