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AI War II: Design Document Updates 7: Background Factions

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There is other stuff going on in the design document at the moment, which you may well have noticed if you've been in the ideas subforum.  But this part is complete and also separate from the rest, so I thought I'd highlight this now.

One note, before I continue, though: there are a lot of threads popping up with discussions I have not yet had time to read.  I WILL read them all!  I'm trying to strike a balance between communicating and reading, and actually working on the core design, at the moment, though.  So just know your voice isn't going into a vacuum, and similarly I'm not ignoring your thread on purpose (well, not in the personally-to-do-with-you sense).

New stuff in here:

1.e.v. CSV-based Alternative View Of Data: May be of interest to some of you. Modding Helper Windows: ditto

Getting into some real meat here: 2.g.i. Background Human Factions:

And then more of a clarifying note than anything: 2.g.ii. Minor Factions:

Related to the background factions: 8.d. Background Human Faction Ships:

Then a new Section 11: Interface Planning:

There's a bunch of new stuff in sections 7 and 8, which you may noticed, but that's heavily inwork and mostly being discussed in another thread.

Oh, also worth noting:
1. The graphical load testing tool is hilariously behind schedule, as I've not even had time to approach it yet.
2. The logo for the game is done, and you can see it at the top of the design document! :)


--- Quote from: Pumpkin on September 09, 2016, 03:47:23 pm ---May I rise a concern about the ship families? (Yeah, OCD.) If they [background's ships] are human-reserved, I would like to give them a specific family name. For example, guardians are not starships, because starships are shared and guardians are AI-only. However, I don't have a name right now. Maybe "resistance something" or simply "human something"...
--- End quote ---

I created a brainstorm thread for which ships/mechanisms may go into that new Human-reserved family: here.

EDIT: I love the logo!

Thank you on both! :)


--- Quote from: x4000 on September 09, 2016, 03:51:23 pm ---
2. The logo for the game is done, and you can see it at the top of the design document! :)

--- End quote ---

Any one else feel like "II" on the AI War II logo at the top of the design document should be more apparent?  It is clearly a logo for AI War II, but the II seems understated somehow. 

That sounds promising =).



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