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AI War II: Design Document Updates 6: Fuel and Solar Systems v2 (no Orbits)

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I am concerned, as noted above, about how many individual 'systems' the game will have with this new system.

If each planet in a system is going to be its own individual 'system' akin to AI War 1 then things are going to get cluttered real fast.

BUT I think this needs to be examined in contrast to the changed zooming system, where instead of a individual system view you instead get something akin to Surpreme Commander or Distant Worlds.


I think this system will be more clearer once we see a more visual representation. But for now I think the proposed Solar System redesign is going in a good direction.

Hmm, the new new design plugs the existing Map Type: Clusters (X) into a standard galaxy map, and adds stars.

Well, it's okay. I really appreciate the logical placement, but am worried about the logistical time it takes for players to traverse from cluster to cluster when not all system bodies are connected to one another. This impacts One of the main objections to even more planets in AIW2, being the total amount of play time, which I tried to address earlier in the old system (linked for others who haven't caught up).

The major speed limitation for redeployment in classic is having to move from wormhole to wormhole per planet, which is hidden in the galaxy map, so that counting hops weren't very reliable. In your new galaxy view, it might be compounded, I think?

Is there any possibility of some Acutian-style moon softball?

I'm not really sure how I feel about increasing the planet count that much.  Defending each individual one will be much more of a hassle and the time cost to the player of just placing turrets and whatnot might be a big hassle.

Speaking of which, how will the command ship system change?  When playing large games in AI War classic, you run out of good command station caps, fast.  Now that there are a lot more planets, and probably many different playstyles, will this cap system change somehow?  It really sucks to own half the galaxy but get nothing out of it because you can only place mk1 economic command stations there.

I'm sad that moving planets are going away, but I completely understand the technical/UI/readability/gameplay issues it would cause.

On the note of travel time, linking all inter-system wormholes to the sun would solve that, but the wormhole confetti within each system remains. I don't suppose the planetary gravity wells are so small so as to make the game feel more like dungeon crawling?


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