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AI War 2 -- v2.999 DLC Eve
« on: May 17, 2021, 11:51:01 pm »
New build!

(Reminder that if you have trouble with the build, you can always go into betas and choose most_recent_stable to go one build back. This is how I sleep at night after making some major changes.)

Lots of last minute fixes and tweaks, a lot of them the sort of thing where we went "how did none of our testers find this?" But Democracy and some others ran a long game last night and found a whole crop of new bugs, so those got squashed.

Speaking of bugs, a not-so-new bug from the last few weeks has been making multiplayer just miserable for the clients, and I could not figure it out for the life of me. After chasing it for a long time, and getting lots of reports that I couldn't replicate, I was finally able to replicate it. Once it was replicatable, its days were numbered. It turned out to be three complex bugs in one, but they're all fixed now and so the client experience is a lot more sane. No more disappearing fleets and units.

On the DLC2 front -- hey, that launches in about 11.5 hours from now! -- there's some really cool new additions as well, with some last minute new controls to allow you more control over targeting crashing nomad planets or zenith miners. These are semi-wildcard type aspects of DLC2 when you enable them, so the ability to use hacking points to turn them to your advantage (rather than having no choice but to fight and defeat them if they were unfavorable to you) adds a lot of new strategic options for advanced players in particular. For casual play, it still adds options, but it probably won't be game-deciding at that level.

SirLimbo's mods got some updates as well, and Tzarro helped us find a ton of typos that are now fixed, most in the base game. Oh! There's two new fun cheat codes for DLC2. One to get all Zeus's cruisers, and the other to spawn a Miner Probe.

Titan Edition and DLC2 arrive super soon. Enjoy!
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