Author Topic: Coming up soon: graphical load testing tool (windows, linux, osx folks needed!)  (Read 11730 times)

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I can test on Windows, Mac, and Linux if needed.  Windows and Linux are gaming rigs, Mac is a Macbook Pro.

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"reasonably high end"

Gotta update my computer budget I see
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At this point I am planning on probably scrapping the load-testing tool.  I've been able to get all the data I needed during my week in hiding, more or less.  The most important thing that I'm discovering, to be frank, is that the load of the 3D stuff doesn't matter.  We're going to have so many options for turning things off that I'm just not worried about people being unable to run it anymore.
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Good to know.  Thanks for the update, and I guess I'll just wait for the earlier-than-early access to see the engine run on my rig.


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