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Re: Proposal: remove metal
« Reply #45 on: September 12, 2016, 04:26:30 PM »
In terms of making the refleeting period fatal, that could be done, and I like the idea on the surface, but how do we determine what the criteria are for the AI to pounce and kill you, and how is that communicated to the player?
I imagined something like nearby shipyards would be allowed to slowly bleed into threat while the players' "total required metal for full refleet" is below it's current metal storage. Also, the threat would be more cocky, not only doing backstab when there is nobody home, but more willing to engage player's incomplete fleet. Within minutes, all frontiers would fall, the fleet can't rebuild fast enough to contain the lurking/probing threat, and the player(s) loose by invasion.

That wouldn't be the massive AIP death where all your complete fleet on your best defended world cannot stop bajilions of carriers, but a smaller force taking advantage of even smaller defending fleet. The players must to be really stressed and scared of loosing when at 0 metal and half-fleet.

Also, if the fleetwipe was brutal enough, the big reprisal must have already wreaked at least one frontier world in which the lurking, vulture-like threat would join in.
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Re: Proposal: remove metal
« Reply #46 on: September 12, 2016, 05:13:58 PM »
Potentially would work well, I'm not sure.  There are ways I can think of to game that as a player, though, so it's risky.

I'm going to lock this thread, because it's spawned into a number of different discussions that I think need to be separate.  Not trying to stop this discussion, but it has clearly split into a number of separate possible concepts that all have their own threads, and we should move discussion of each piece into those threads.  Here they are:

Hacking: the new front in the AI War:,19109.0.html

Fatal refleeting:,19112.0.html

Insane idea: QUASI-finite number of player ships. Pilots!:,19113.0.html

I _think_ that covers all the main ideas in here that are still being considered at all.  If not, please make another thread, because it's hard to follow 3+ conversations in a single thread. ;)
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