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[Now on doc] Keep the option to save games uncompressed?

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Something that was fun to tinker around with in AIWC was being able to turn off save game compression and thus get easy access to modifying the save game arbitrarily using any ol' text editor. You could pull of craziness that not even cheats let you do (AI difficulties > 10, renaming the AI players, playing as the AI (sort of, it was very broken, but you could), all sorts of fun stuff).

Could there be an option to keep that in AIW2?

Even if you decided to go for a binary save file format, letting it be saved uncompressed would make it easier to write some sort of program for it. ;)

Or enable transforming a "save" to a "scenario" for modding purpose.


--- Quote from: kasnavada on September 16, 2016, 02:30:34 pm ---Or enable transforming a "save" to a "scenario" for modding purpose.

--- End quote ---
Oh right, a "mission"/"map" editor. Probably should make a new thread for that idea.

Well, if you can save un uncompressed format, then notepad++ (or whatever) becomes your user-unfriendly map editor =).

1.f.iv. Optional Uncompressed Savegames

It's on the list now. :)


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