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New Achievements Proposal
« on: August 21, 2016, 12:30:13 PM »
I was thinking about new achievements for AIW2 and thought you might be interested. I'm very curious to hear what kind of achievements and names you can add to this list.

* One achievement for each "destroying brutal guard post X".
* destroying two Wrath Lances on the same planet. -- "Night Club of the Death"
* destroying two Teuthida on the same planet. -- "Evil Twins"
* destroying a dire guardian lair. -- "Big Game Hunter"
* destroying a super hybrid. -- "Unicorn Trophy"
* triggering the Nth tick on the SuperTerminal. -- "Old School Hacker"
* repairing a broken golem. -- "Thick Coat of Paint"
* triggering the arthropod protocol (releasing Hive Golem's wasps on a homeworld). -- "Nerf Bug Spray"
* having 20 friendly Neinzul Roaming Enclaves in a single game. -- "Grand Diplomat"
* awakening 10 Vengence Generators in a single game. -- "The Ten Horsemen of the Apocalypse"
* capturing 10 Nomad Planets in a single game. -- "The Nomad Empire"
* completing a trader's building. -- "Debt Honoured"
* having a negative AIP trend thanks to the civilian leaders (friendly > neutral * 3). -- "Civil Affairs Solved"
* mining a titanite asteroid. -- "Ultimate Metal"
Please excuse my english: I'm not a native speaker. Don't hesitate to correct me.