Author Topic: Steamworks SDK v1.44 - New Networking APIs  (Read 33271 times)

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Steamworks SDK v1.44 - New Networking APIs
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:18:10 pm »
New networking APIs from Steam:

For the past few years we have been working on improving the quality of multiplayer experiences in DotA and CS:GO by relaying the traffic and carrying it on our network backbone. This protects our gameservers from denial-of-service attacks and gives players all over the world a lower-latency, higher-quality connection.

Today we are releasing APIs that make this service available to all Steam partners. This gives you:
Access to our network, giving your players protection from attack, 100% reliable NAT traversal, and improved connectivity.
Tools for instantly estimating the ping between two arbitrary hosts without sending any packets.
A high quality end-to-end encrypted reliable-over-UDP protocol.

These updates are available as part of the Steamworks SDK v1.44 release, available now.

Might help with certain multiplayer features.

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Re: Steamworks SDK v1.44 - New Networking APIs
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2019, 11:40:22 am »
While I would love this, this still requires a Steam account and some people would consider this DRM.  I don't think that GOG and similar would go for it, for instance.  It's frustrating, because while that would be a great tool, we can't use it because we'd just have to make a second implementation that uses non-Steam stuff, anyway.  Blah.
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