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Playing After Winning The War

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--- Quote from: Elestan on September 02, 2016, 11:30:42 pm ---
--- Quote from: Steelpoint on September 02, 2016, 01:21:10 pm ---The effects should be, in my opinion.

* AI Forces stop receiving reinforcements
* All AI held systems no longer communicate with one another, meaning all units in a system act as defenders for that system alone. They don't ever leave.
* No attacks are ever mounted on Human forces, no reprisals, no threat, no exo-galactic strikes and no wave attacks.
* AI Progress no longer has any effect on the game or remaining AI forces
--- End quote ---

I agree completely with stopping the introduction of all new AI units.  But if the AI units go semi-dormant, it seems like it's just going to be a long slog of a mop-up.  Why not do something more interesting, and have the AI's now-stranded forces launch a final assault?  Here's my proposal:

* The exo-wormholes close and vanish.
* The AI gets no new units under any circumstances.
* All of the remaining guard posts transform into Guardians of the same Mark and type (or the closest match).  Core guard posts become Dire Guardians.  Tachyon Sentinels become Decloaker Starships.
* Each AI Command Station transforms into a Core Starship of the same Mark
* All of the units in systems with AI Warp Gates are assumed to be in contact with each other.  They use those Warp Gates to rally in a single Neutral system (as there are no longer any AI systems), and then turn into Threat.
* All of the AI units in systems without AI Warp Gates are assumed to be cut off from each other.  They each rally into a separate fleet, and charge the nearest Human system, trying to destroy its CS.  If they succeed, they move on to the next one.  If they ever enter a system with an AI Warp Gate, they regain contact with the collective, and turn into Threat.
This seems like it would be much more fun & exciting to play through.

--- End quote ---

In essence, that's what the Showdown devices in Classic do.

Were any of the ideas here implemented? After a win does the game just continue on as normal? What if you take every planet? Are there still AI events that can happen?

After you kill an AI that AI stops doing much of anything. No more reinforcements, no more waves, and it won't send ships to attack you.

Also it becomes hostile to any other AIs in the game.


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