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Multiracial Multiplayer


Radiant Phoenix:
Let's suppose you have two players: one playing Human, where things are supposed to be about sneaking around giving the AI bug-bites until it collapses, and the other playing Spire, where things are supposed to be about having a stand-up-and-beat-on-each-other's-faces slugfest of a war.

How is that supposed to work in a single game?

Will there be a system for the Human player to sneak around the sides of the galaxy to shank the AI's ankles, or will it just be a spire game plus 10% of an extra player and 10% extra AI response?

Captain Jack:
Great question, and it's the kind of thing that's going to be experimented with in and after the beta. My understanding, from a lore perspective, is that the presence of a Spire force and an effective human force draws EXTRA AI attention to both parties. So some of ths special anti-Spire ships go after the humans and the Spire get even more waves thrown at them than usual. The Spire are already playing a faster game than normal, so multiple races might accelerate that even further to ensure the humans can't fortify the Spire into invincibility.


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