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One of the big points of AI War is the Multiplayer.
However, the entry barrier for playing multiplayer is very big. Connecnting to another player is very hard to manage, creating a multiplayer game is a burden for many players. For a modern game this is not good, players are used to quick multiplayer setups, so they can play quickly with their firends.

Do you have any plans to make multiplayer setup easier than before? And i don't mean matchmaking, matchmaking wouldn't work in this kind of game (except you want to have smaller sessions for AI War 2).

This is a case where Steamworks could help, because sending an invite in Steam is a lot easier than finding IPs and such.


--- Quote from: Tridus on September 02, 2016, 09:00:59 am ---This is a case where Steamworks could help, because sending an invite in Steam is a lot easier than finding IPs and such.

--- End quote ---


On top of that, if there could be some kind of "centralized" IRC chat in the corner when you start the game and are in the lobby would be awesome. I think this was discussed ages ago, but I'll bring it up again. A lot of mobile multiplayer games have this, like Dominion.  It lets you see who else is in the lobby and go "anyone for a game?" and quickly invite/join them.

Obviously IP connection still needs to be possible (as to not tie the game to Steam) and aiding that, putting up a internet-based "what is my IP" somewhere in the UI would go a long way.  I suggested a particular service several years ago, because it's entire page content was just your IP address.  It wasn't even wrapped in an <html> tag, much less any other garbage.  Sadly, that site is gone.

We actually could easily create a "what is my IP" page directly on our site, potentially.  So long as it doesn't accidentally get routed through cloudflare, I guess.

Anyhow, yes, there are a variety of plans here.  It's in the "investigation/theoretical" status right now, but there are a number of routes we're looking into with this.

Being able to connect via Steam would be my highest priority for multiplayer (because Steam is wonderful). Right click in my friends list, invite to game. So easy.

I think the IP connect thing is a bummer. I don't really understand networking, port forwarding is not in my vocabulary, and I don't want to give my IP address to random people on the internet. I don't even want to learn how to do these things. Having to use external software like Hamachi is a bummer too. More ports and IP addresses.


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