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Adding in players belatedly - will they become our lesser side-kick again?


Me and a friend have a terribly bad habit of starting with multiple home-worlds each. Generally 2 x 2.

All well and good while we play, other than the event that if either of us loses a home-sector it is basically game over as it does weird things to the unit cap.

However it does mean we cannot add anyone to our games as an equal. As the only belated option of adding I have found creates a singular extra command station. So while the original players get to stomp around with 2x caps the joining player gets only 1. Ergo we don't add people and end up playing the start of ai war again and never finishing a game. *This is basically the reason some of our friends no longer play the game as they got too fed up of the first 2 hours of game-play.

Any chance of allowing us to add players into the game on an equal footing to whatever the original players choose at the start of the game?

NB - Yes a simpler solution to our problem would have been to always start with 1 home world however it is quite hard to get around the MOWR ships reaction. Also to be fair playing with ship synergy is quite fun. Though admittedly the 4 home-sectors per person fiasco cured us of adding too many extra home-worlds. 

Now that the "home command" is a mobile ship, it may make more sense to force single homeworld starts and give an option for "double ship cap" instead, or some such. Giving people multiple motherships could get pretty odd.

Well it never was about the 2 home-worlds more the double cap and two ship types. Actually thinking on it it was not even the double ship cap just the 2 choices at ships rather than one, though I expect some people like to see their CPU burn. So one mother-ship with a way to scale the choices it provides would work for me.


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