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Tutorial - Creating Nebula Backgrounds for AI War 2

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A how-to guide for modders or other players who want to create nebula backgrounds for either their own use, or to send in for official inclusion in the game. This requires version 0.302 or greater of the game.

So I actually downloaded Unity for Linux and was trying to follow the video. However, when I open the ModdingAndGui project, then navigate to SpaceBG->Materials->ForUsing, then try to click on one of the materials (lets say for example CalmRibs_BlueRed.mat), I see errors like "ArgumentException: The Assembly Rewired_Core is referenced by ArcenUniversal ('Assets/ArcenDLLs/ArcenUniversal.dll'). But the dll is not allowed to be included or could not be found."

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe the Linux version doesn't play nicely with things?

Looks like Rewired is missing. Great asset.
(Would you believe that Yooka-Laylee uses it, but didn't bother providing a UI to actually change the bindings?)

Is that something I need to install? How would I do that, if so?


--- Quote from: BadgerBadger on October 06, 2017, 09:37:55 pm ---Is that something I need to install? How would I do that, if so?

--- End quote ---

Yes, but no.
It's a $45 asset on the asset store, but if Keith is already using it, it should just be part of the modding development environment.
(I've got me own copy)


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