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I have made (another) crappy mod. this mod introduces a new faction called the reprocessors because they like reprocess things.

Also this mod adds 8 unique ish ships with some being capable of replicating or self perpetuating in some other way. it's not a large faction (compared to others made by far, far more talented people) (*Cough Cough* Civvies, Modified Marauders *Cough Cough*)

This mod can be broken down into 4 separate phases and may or may not be Multiplayer Safe.

Phase 1: Spawn special 'bombs' and attempt to obtain metal
Phase 2: Build up attack. nothing happens in this phase as they are 'organizing' an attack
Phase 3: Launch the attack. launches an attack whose size is based on the metal obtained. the faction gains research points when it kills things
Phase 4: Attempt to research things. this is the time the faction attempts to unlock a new unit. returns to phase 1

please complain to me about how awful the mod is (I mean it is terrible so I won't feel too bad).

Put the file called Reprocesser_mod in the XMLMods folder and enable it in the settings menu.

NOTE: Source-Code is included in this mod as the .cs files so feel free to read it and do whatever with it. It's not that good anyways. Should hopefully not require too much upgrading in the near future. The change it THE SOURCE CODE FILE DOES NOT GO INTO XML MODS. I don't know what will happen and I don't want to find out.

Update 1: Faction should no longer have waves sent against it and threat will return to guard forces

Update 2: Fixed a Serialization bug

Update 3: Added an alliance setting and an intensity setting

You're really hard on yourself!  I think that small mods and big mods both have their place.  I haven't had time to check this out, but I'm glad it exists!

A New Update:

Sorry for not updating the mod in a long time (I was just busy with life stuff). but I've now updated the mod Update Notes:

Allows for Multiple Factions:
Reprocesser now has a mass of 1.1 to prevent reprocessers from taking eachother
Leeches are nerfed and now need to kill their own strength worth of enemies to replicate
Replicaters also have the same treatment but this is a buff to them

Science points are earned slower to compensate for the new spawning system
Intensity effects have been altered to suit the new system. Science is now also affected by points

Updated to run on the latest version (v2.630)

I think I'll call this mod mostly done as a small sideproject. I'll be on the lookout for balance problems (as hopefully the leech nightmare has been stopped).

a small update to make it compatible with AIW2 (v2.721). (sorry for taking a long time to update)


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