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Quick Start: Stealth War
« on: April 02, 2020, 12:45:32 am »
A quick start I made inspired by submarine and guerilla warfare.

As the name suggests, Stealth is the main focus. Diff 7 plus lots of extra modifications should hopefully make this fairly challenging.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Bit of a grim scenario. You are on your own.

A heavy focus on stealth; both AIs are difficulty 7 Ghosts with enhanced Warden and Hunter Fleets plus a Scourge, and worst of all you never know where their waves will spawn.
You too can do plenty of sneaking around however, with a cloaked starting fleet. Webbed defenses and a standard support fleet can help you find those pesky stealth enemies.

Several other enemies lurk in the darkness; the Dark Spire, Macrophages and Marauders are all out there and wil attack anyone, but your main enemy will usually be the AIs.

Due to the sheer number of wormhole links on your home planet, setting up a fortified perimiter is probably not a good idea. Maybe buy some extra defenses from that Trader?

Somewhat worryingly, very few usable ship wrecks can be found in the galaxy. Though the AIs seem to have hoarded a lot of ship designs you can steal, so there's that.

For the best "cloak-and-dagger" experience, try to mainly get stealthy units and technology. But that is, of course, up to you.

Yes, a Botnet Golem spawning on a lightly defended planet two hops away might make things a bit easy... but I actually don't think botty will be that useful against Ghost AIs. And keep in mind, it costs a total of 70 AIP to get that thing!

I will post details on my first playthrough here to show how it went for me.
I may make more versions and upload them here. If I figure out how to do it I'll add the Backdoor Combat Factory and co. to the starting support fleets.
Feedback is welcome and encouraged!
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Re: Quick Start: Stealth War
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2020, 08:07:40 am »
So, played it for one and a half hours.

Here's what happened so far:

Spoiler for Hiden:
To begin with, I get a level each in Metal and Engineering to bolster my industrial capabilities and one level each in Subterfuge, Disruptive and Generalist to strengthen the fleet.
Strike fleet has simply been named "Alpha", the support fleet "Bravo".

Image SW1 shows the immediate neighbourhood at the beginning. Aleca has a good GCA, but that's the only neighbouring planet I'lll take. No, not even the fleet next door. That's a crappy fleet with just Vanguards and Raiders; despite the dire shortage of fleets I'll give that one a pass.

SW2: The battle of Aleca, a few moments after all hell broke loose. I initially brought my fleet in the transport, dropped them near the Command Station and just destroyed it. That part worked without a hitch. But then all the guardposts and guardians appeared and fired at my fleet, inflicting hideous losses as Concussion Guardposts decimated Alpha's Strikecraft. I was aware that the guardposts were cloaked, but having actually never played against a Ghost I thought they would all be regular Stealth Guard Posts... how wrong I was. Lesson learned, I guess.

SW3: The situation about half an hour later. Why I've only got one more planet? Well, the new planet, Nervala, had some nice goodies but was pretty heavily defended; Mark V Guard Posts and a Dire Guardian to boot. It took several attacks, each time taking down a couple of Guard Posts and returning to friendly space to replace losses. Bringing out Bravo was infeasible due to strong enemy presence on the planets in between. In that time I also got Alpha a squad of Parasites from an ARS and created a new custom Fleet Charlie, for which I hacked another ARS for a Siphoner Frigate.

Marauders have taken a planet next to my homeworld, but I'm hoping they'll run into some AI Threat so they'll kill each other.

The Scourge, who have largely been absent until now built an Armoury right next door on Veronica. I managed to take it down, but took heavy losses; they had an Evuck Fortress right next to it. Looks like the Scourge were emulating their AI overlords.

SW4: Attacking the marauder base half an hour later. In the meantime I managed to take another heavily defended planet and bagged a pretty nice fleet with a Tackle Drone Launcher. When I'd assaulted the Armoury, I left after destroying just the Armory, not wanting to waste more forces. The Marauders built up a substantial fleet while I was away and attacked Veronica. So while most of their fleet was away beating their fists bloody against that Evuck Fortress, I swooped in and dismantled their base with extreme prejudice. Gotta love those Parasites! After their fleet won against the AI at Veronica at great cost, I swept up the remnants of their forces there before they could construct a base. Hehe...

So, I'm at 73 AIP and gotten a nice haul of goodies. Unfortunately, this area seems largely devoid of AIP reducers. That might be a problem. I'll have to see to that soon, or the AI will surely strike back in force. To be continued...

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