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I just built my first XML mod using Programmer's Notepad *and* C# mod using Visual Studio community edition and following along with the tutorials. Both are free software and painless to install.

That wasn't bad at all! I was off and running in mere minutes. I was expecting lots of, edit this flag, install these build files with these flagsā€¦ and you are really just double-clicking and directly into the code. Just wow. So clean.

Nice job.

Very glad to hear it's working well :)

sorry to bother, but are these videos up-to-date for current modding?

I haven't watched those vids in some time, but I believe they are up to date enough. Some minor details have changed (for example, the WorldSide object is now a Faction object), but the principles are all sound. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

If you are trying to do anything complex, note that pretty much all the minor factions are implemented entirely in external code (aka stuff that's accessible to modding), so I would strongly recommend looking at them for examples of how to do things. In every case there's an xml component and a C# component.

If you watch the videos and also check out some of the existing minor faction code then you should be in a good place to start.

Tutorial 4, regarding getting a mod that changes code in, needs to be updated.

Particularly, the part about adding a compile reference to all src files (**/*.cs) completely threw me off, and doesn't work. Instead, information needs to be added/ammended on how to reference the externalcode DLL instead.


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