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Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version 0.9.1 | Fixes & Adjustments
« on: January 25, 2020, 05:35:24 pm »
    Galactic Conquest

    Welcome to the Galactic Conquest mod.
    Say goodbye to deep-striking. Say hello to building an empire to challenge the AI forces.

    We're live in Galactic Conquest Version 0.9.1, compatible with AI War 2 Version 2.048 and up to (excluding) AI War 2 Version 2.062+ due to changes in Vanilla C# code. Adjustments have been made and somewhat tested, there's some finishing up on exciting new features and the new Version 0.9.2 should release soon. All Dark Spire and Dyson Sphere ships have been entirely reworked, and hacking their ships now grants a lot more exciting stuff... Plus, C# serialization is in now, making a lot of things persistent through savegames such as I2 hacking intel (which has been improved yet again). But, as Vanilla is right now in the process of making Serialization more efficient, the update is held back until that dust settles. Otherwise there would be all kinds of issues with compatibility between versions.
    Note that as of yet there is no DLC support for The Spire Rises. This is planned for post-1.0. Installing the expansion will not result in crashes but may cause balancing and cohesion issues.

    WARNING: New Installation Process: Instead of extracting the .zip file in the XMLMods directory please unzip it in the game's main AI War 2 folder. This is necessary as the mod now brings C# code that is dropped into a different file path.

    Basic adjustments have been made, yet the mod is not balanced in its current state. There has to be a lot more developing, feedback implementation and testing.

    Special Thanks to ArnaudB and CRZgatecrusher on Discord for being on the front of the bug & balance & feedback war.

    What is this?

    Galactic Conquest is a mod that changes the way AI War 2 is played entirely. It's a full overhaul of many game structures, replacing, changing and refining them.

    One might have referred to the start of it as "balancing the game around the kooky scout adjacent only option" that nobody ever picked because it made the game just about impossible in larger galaxies. But over the course of doing so a very, very large number of things have been changed, added, removed and scaled. This probably is the biggest mod for the game right now (10.05.20). The Version 0.9 has 1,209,107 bytes of uncompressed data, all text in either XML or C# code format. This is larger than the game's first expansion, The Spire Rises, (if stripped of all its visual and audio assets) which if I added up correctly is at around 1,000,000 bytes of XML and C# code. So in terms of sheer size and content is is equal to a full DLC.

    What to expect?

    • ... to lead a long, bloody war against the AI. Campaign length increases vastly with more planets. This is no longer meant to be played in a couple of sessions.
    • ... big fights with literally thousands of strength points per faction on a planet.
    • ... Superweapons like Nukes, Zombification rays, Attritioners and insanely huge plasma artillery. Both AI and player can use them.
    • ... a Human Remnant that is united in its mission, but bears the signs of the 7 Human factions that were responsible for the Human War which birthed the AI. Note that none of this is official lore and only my personal interpretation and expansion.
    • ... the ability to go nuts with upgraded Lost Spire Frigates and Golems, even launching the game with them is possible.
    • ... and much more listed below.

    The Rules

    There are 2 voluntary rules this mod is meant to be played by:
    • Enable "Scout Adjacent Only" in the "Scouting" tab of the Options menu upon creating a new Custom Start.
    • Set all items of the "Capturable" and "Destroyable" tabs to the respective maximum value. You will need it.
    Nobody forces the player to obey these, but choosing otherwise will result in an even less balanced game.

    Download & Installation
    • Simply download the "" file. Use the link below or click onto it at the very, very bottom of this post.
    • Navigate to your AIW2 folder on your Hard Drive (if you're not sure where it is simply go into the Steam settings for AIW2 and use the Local Files-tab to navigate to Browse Local Files).
    • Simply unzip the files into this folder and you're good to go. Any older version of Galactic Conquest should be overwritten correctly. If you experience issues simply delete the GalacticConquest folder in the XMLMods directory and re-install.

    Directly Linked Files:

       Galactic Conquest 0.9.1 for AIW2 Version 2.042:
       For changelog see the bottom of the post.
       Design Document [for additional info and better formated patch notes]:

    Known Issues

    Upon launching the game when the mod is installed there are a couple of important things:
    • There is an "Unrequested XML Attributes" error popup on every launch. Simply dismiss, it has no effect on the game itself.
    • Upon launching the first game after installing please change every fleet in the player faction once. This is because the game saves what had been used last and does not switch over to the Galactic Conquest starter fleets immediately.
    • This needs to be done every time a Quick Start is launched. Simply load the Quick Start into the Custom Game screen with the "Edit Setup" button and change the fleets accordingly.
    • There is no crash or issue involved in not changing up fleets. It simply results in non-thematic and mostly weaker fleets.

    Important changes for Veterans

    There is a big number of differences compared to vanilla AIW2. If you are experienced you might need to fight some of your base instincts:
    • Intel is sparse (at least if you play by the rules). In most cases you can only see the next planet to ones you own. For everything else you need to either use hacking points or the Civilian Researchers which can be built from every Tier 2 and Tier 3 Command Station of the I2 sub-faction, or the Subspace Incisor of the Tier 3 Command Station of the NW sub-faction.
    • AIP from most sources is reduced to 60%. This means you can capture a lot more planets. Of cause, over the course of the game AIP will grow way beyond what players might be used to.
    • Science and Hacking are more "farmeable". A lot of special units, not just Astro Trains drop them. In exchange the gains from new planets are vastly reduced and some Hacking was moved to killing advanced AI Command Stations.
    • Everything scales. Factories, Matter Converters, Zenith stuff, etc, etc. A lot more tech points can be invested over the course of the game.
    • Dark Spire has been nerfed. Expect them to be much weaker in their responses, but be afraid of waging a war of attrition with them even more than before. Vastly more!
    • A similar nerf has been done to the Nanocaust. They were simply taking over the galaxy so fast, and were accumulating ships so swiftly they were literally slowing the game down alone.
    • The AI Overlord and Devourer Golem have been buffed dozens of times, literally. This is why you need all the fleets, all the ships, all the tech you can get.

    Where can I put feedback, bug reports or let my rage write when the buffed AI Overlord destroys everything?

    Just write here into the comments.

    So what exactly gets changed?

    Currently working on refining hundreds of lines into something people can actually read. But I want to give people the ability to play the mod beforehand.


    Changelog BETA Version 0.02:

    • General Changes:
      • Redone all the Warhead AI ship groups since these were all changed in AIW2 Version 1.323
      • Added Science and Hacking point gains to all the new AI dire guardians (including royals) since new ones were added in AIW2 Version 1.323
      • Rebalanced Nanocaust again. The idea for them is to be much weaker at the beginning, but grow way stronger in the end.
      • Actually added the 100 AIP on death to the Galactic Radar Array so it can‘t be relocated = abused for easy, wide-area scouting any more…
      • Moved the instant-extraction of science and hacking to the Galactic Radar Array, no the Hub Command Station itself.
      • Gave the Harvester Turret Drone some Metabolization. Even though the AI doesn't use it it still should be there for flair.
      • HUGE QoL: Power Substations now build automatically. Say goodbye to having to re-visit all planets all the time… Well, at least if you keep autobuilding engineers on. Otherwise it‘ll turn off too.
      • Specials (Defense Garrisons, E -> M Converters, Scout Stations) now destroy themselves if the command station is transformed into something that has less cap (which mostly is anything else. Before it was able to abuse them not self-destructing to get a ton more stuff of everything)
      • Changed the icon of the Scout Station to no A: Look more like a station and B: longer overlap with the AI Raid Engine, even though there is no case where the AI could get a Scout Station.
      • Split the Resourcing Tech into a Metal and Energy part and distributed the various structures among them depending on what they produce. This way the player can control what they spend their science on.
      • ZOMDs and ZICs are now capped at 5 instead of 9999. They were too many.
    • Additions to Superstructure Command Stations:
      • The New Earth Command Station now has VASTLY reduced energy and metal construction as well as metal storage and instead has 3 structures with a cap of 10 each and AIP should they get destroyed. All of them scale with Mk level, cost a lot of additional metal, but in the end will without a doubt be worth it.
        • The Mining Shuttle Station produces tons of metal and has some weaker shuttle attack drones to defend the planet. Costs 4 AIP on death. Scales with Metal Tech
        • The Gravity Condenser Station produces tons of energy and emits a strong slowing field against enemies. Costs 5 AIP on death. Scales with Energy tech.
        • The Metal Storage Depot stores tons of metal and projects a wide-area bubble forcefield. Costs 1 AIP on death. Scales with Engineering tech.
      • The Hub Command Station also gains more structures to build:
        • The Hangar Garrison is similar to the Defense Garrison, only with tons of fighters instead of guns and construction capabilities. It does not MK up, but up to 3 can be built in a galaxy.
        • The Meta[bolizing] Carrier Flagship is a special transport flagship that focuses around metabolization and synergy. all of its ships scale with Engineering tech and cannot be swapped out. It can only be constructed once.
    Changelog Version 0.9:

    [I'll format this when I have the time and energy... For now just go and look at the design document below, it's better organized in a table document.]

    General Changes/Fixes:
       Fixed Nukes being able to appear as part of battlestations or citadels, allowing you to just build them anywhere. Oops.
       Increased Reinforcement Seeder engine_gx from 5 to 15. Was quite a shock when I saw tackler drones pushing it away…
       Doubled the calculated strength value of the Automated Construction Bot due to it not accounting for the mini bots inside him and skewing the amount spawned inside its merc unit. This does not affect any combat-related values like hull or damage, it simply means that the game thinks it‘s stronger now.
       Also doubled the calculated strength of the War Sieger and increased that of the War Harvester by 35%.
       Devourer Golem and AI Overlord had their values changed. Instead of 10x health/shield/damage/multishot they now have 5x damage/multishot and 25x health/shield. They were way too strong, glass-cannony, and at the end of the day this is a nerf by around to effective ~0.455% strength. Also, AI Overlord Phase 1 has had its health increased 10x, if only to hint at the overlord being way stronger, and Devourer Golem only heals 1% instead of 40% of the damage it deals.
       After seeing the „War Flenser“ I decided the Devourer Golem needed to be able to at least damage it. That‘s why it‘s got the new Darkmoon Artillery which can only deal damage to enemies at 10 tx mass or higher, but deals a ton to them. This also means that the Zenith Trader with its 12 tx is in danger…
       Increased the FRD targeting of Marauder Outposts to hae FRD ships target them more effectively.
       Fixed a typo in the Corrupter-Class IGBM.
       The Civilian Researchers use a new model.
       Increased the hacking points started with from 0 to 50. It just was too much of a speedbump at the start until all the farmeable units came around.
       Doubled the Damage on the Artillery Transport Flagship
       There are 2 more SLAM Ammo types for the player to discover, and any AI SLAM may now have 1-3 ammo (the player variant always has one of each). They can even have multiple of the same. So now you really never know what you‘re going into unless you send some sacrificial lambs in. Also rebalanced the SLAM ammo generation.
       Since Human Home Forcefields had their maximum Mk level of 4 removed in Vanilla all the XML GalacticConquest used to make just that happen has been removed. It‘s unnecessary now.
       Reduced all Turret and Tractor Beam visual and actual area used by factor 0.36 (reduced unit size by 40%), hopefully this prevents getting so many turrets and especially tractor beams they can no longer be placed to cover their desired locations.
       Removed the maximum caps of things (Tractor Arrays, Forcefield Generators, Minefields, Station-Keeping Frigates of all types) in fleets. Also renamed all the weapon names of the minefields from Mine (singular) to Mines (plural)
       Human Tachyon Arrays and Engineers are now cloaked from the start.
       Sentry Frigates gain cloaking points per Mk level. Combat variants are now exactly the same as their base varaints, statwise.
       Fixed some typos in the TAR
       Changed Zenith Tech symbol to something I think fits better
       Changed the description of the Artillery Transport to only read „some firepower“. The word „excellent“ did not fit here.
       Corrected the description of the E -> M and M -> E Converters. Instead of always claiming a loss of 10% they now accurately state that they increase in efficiency up to Mk7 where conversion is loss-free at 1 metal/s = 100 energy and vice-versa.
       Converters also have no more limit at 10 units per planet. This is a very minor QoL change, you simply need to visit less planets to get converters of a certain amount set up. In return only Home Command and Economic Command Stations have them now
       Removed Station-Keeping Watchman Frigates. They were just out of place in my opinion, being a simple stand-alone defensive type. They are being replaced.
       Removed Harvester Turret Drones and the 3 existing types of command stations. They are being replaced.
       Increased Shieldbreaker Drones on the DIRE from 50 to 250. Talk about too little too late.
       Increased the Nanobot Hive health and damage by 100x and Nanobot Center health by 10x. With all the power of the player this would be too easy to just snipe.
       Changed all AI turrets and turret variants to have the same range as player turrets.
       The AI now uses 3 types of sentry frigate: Basic (= the default AI Sentry Frigate, 0.6 albedo), Advanced (cloaked, drains from units with <0.85 albedo and improved weapon that drains little cloaking points, 0.7 albedo) and Elite (better cloak, drains from units with <0.95 albedo, further improved weapon that drains only 1 tachyon point per shot, 0.8 albedo)
       Same goes for AI Tachyon Sentinels: Basic (never cloaks now, tachyon increased in return from 100 to 120 base and increase per level from 50 to 60, 0.6 albedo), Advanced (always cloaked, higher drain, decloaks <0.85 albedo, 0.8 albedo) and Elite (better cloak, even higher drain, decloaks <0.95 albedo, 0.9 albedo)
       AI Medic Gunboats heal twice the HP that the human variant does. This is to balance their missing repair beams as the AI does not have such metal flows
       Changed the station level-up science costs from 500/1500/3500/6500/10500/15500 to 500/1500/3000/5000/7500/10500. This reduces the overall upgrade cost from 38k science down to 28k, a flat 10k cheaper
       Changed how the Reinforcement Seeder works. It now no longer builds up warp gates internally but creates them every 30 seconds when hostiles are on the planet.
       Raid Frigates and variants have their mass reduced to 4.5 tx which hopefully prevents them from getting eaten by Sabots. AI Raid Frigates had their mass increased from 4 to 4.5 tx to fit.
       All of the Eyebots and subtypes had their modifier reduced from 2500 energy = 1x more damage to 25000 energy = 0.1x more damage (which is to say it‘s 100 times less powerful). This is due to some entities in Galactic Conquest consuming up to 5 million energy points, at which point the old eyebots would have dealt a staggering 2001x damage, now „only“ do 21x damage.
       Increased Veteran Sentinel Gunboat damage by 60%. I guess it was forgotten when the normal Sentinel Gunboat and Ranger were buffed? It‘s base damage of 300 was lower than the normal variant with 320 has now. It‘s 480 now.
       Renamed the Ranger‘s „Sniper Energy Wave“ into just „Energy Wave“ since it‘s got no more infinite range.
       DIRE now actually fires a beam instead of an invisible attack

    Cloak/Tachyon tiers:
       Units have been tiered in their cloaking and decloaking abilities. This is mostly indicated by their name („Ghost Grenade Launcher Corvette“ vs „Shadow Plasma Turret“). In return there is different levels of decloaking:
       Tier Name   Albedo   Decloak Albedo
       Normal   <0.7   ---
       Ghost   0.7   0.75
       Shadow   0.8   0.85
       Phantom   >0.9   >=0.95
       Note that Warbird Hydra Frigates and their variants are no longer able to attack and remain cloaked. They are only Ghost-level. In return their shield has been doubled to bear the brunt.

    AI defenses on game start have been improved, especially at high levels:
       Mk level   Before   After
       1   0.6   0.6
       2   0.9   0.9
       3   1.5   2.0
       4   2.7   5.0
       5   5.1   10.0
       6   9.9   100.0
       7   19.5   500.0
       This means that especially the higher-tier planets will be much more defended. It will take a lot to just get into the Mk6 worlds
       Most of this is due to insane power growth of the player. Expect to see Extragalactic units en masse too

    Corvette sizes and scales have been changed to fit actual Corvette ships: 4x cost, health, damage, 1.25x size (1.5625x area, since they were bigger to begin with), 0.25x caps, Mass (usually) increased to 2.5tx and Albedo to 0.35. They now are more durable for their damage and their size fits that. After all, Frigates are the next bigger thing to Corvettes, not Gunboats.
       Certain Corvettes like Parasitic Pike/Zapper ones that had a lower/higher cap to begin with have been adjusted: They gain less/more of a damage/health/cost boost and instead have the same cap as normal Frigates

    IGBM (Inter-Galactic Ballistic Missile) Streamlining/Rebalancing/Fixing/Adding
       Before Warheads had a 17 second cooldown if they were deployed by the AI from their reinforcement points. Now the cooldown is only 1 second, causing them to detonate immediately if they can without giving the player days to destroy them. Nukes are supposed to be harder to kill than this.
       AI Nuke Drones have 30% of player damage/health/shield/cloaking, half the multishot, attack and AoE range with, see above, the difference from infinite-range nukes to their drones.
       Trigger ranges have been redone. For all the Infinite-Range warheads it remains, and their drone versions have 18000 base range. All the AoE warheads have around half of their AoE radius as weapon radius to trigger the detonation. This goes for drone variants too.
       Maximum targets to hit for AoE nukes has been removed entirely. This alone reduces a lot of clutter in the UI. Projectile variants have some couple of thousand multishot which hopefully still covers everything, but doesn‘t obstruct other information in the UI.
       Nukes now have mostly shield so they are vulnerable to shield-piercing attackers which can blow them up before they detonate.
       The AIP for Tesla Nukes has been reduced from 5 to 4 and damage increased by 50%.
       There are 3 more Nukes for the player to build:
          Singularity-Class IGBM: For 20 seconds draws in all mobile enemies on the planet to where it exploded. Can affect things as big as 21 tx of mass, but these aren‘t affected nearly as much as strike craft. Drone variant only has an initial pull that is 20% of the total pull combined to  up to 11.5 mass_tx. Costs no AIP similar to the Assassin-Class.
          Timewarp-Class IGBM: Provides planet-wide 9 seconds of paralysis to enemies at <8 mass, 18 seconds of added weapon reload time to enemies at <250 armor, 27 seconds of engine stun to all enemies <25 engine_gx and 10% damage bonus for 30 seconds to all enemies on the planet. Drone variants have 30% debuff times but all other values remain the same. Costs 1 AIP.
          Blinder-Class IGBM: Decloaks just about anything on the planet in a mere couple of seconds.
       Not that the Singularity, Timewarp and blinder drone variants in addition have the usual drone reduction as written above.
       Naturally the AI is using the IGBMs in their normal spawns and drones in the IPBM assembly, which now only has 1 active nuke of every type.
       Fixed Corrupter Nukes having no AIP on death. It now produces 1 as intended.
       Assassin-Class IGBMs now have an albedo of 0.8 which makes them immune to almost all tachyon radiation, but the damage bonus for slow targets has changed from at most 300 to at most 50. I did the math and realized that it would take something like 39 of them, which was a tad OP. Updated description accordingly.
       Fixed the player being able to build up to 8 Corruptor-Class IGBMs. They are now capped at 3. Same for Tesla-Class IGBMs which had a planetary cap of 5 but only a galaxy-wide cap of 4. Planet-cap is also 4 now.
       Distributed the AI‘s IGBMs anew, and among other ships that make sense for the IGBM to be in there more.
          Fun fact: It is now possible to encounter a planet without mobile ships and only IGBMs…
       Gave all the Warheads a new icon as there now is an actual Warhead icon in the game files

    Split Distribution Nodes into 5 types and buffed them:
       Science (grants 3k science for 4 AIP)
       Hacking (grants 90 hacking for 3 AIP)
       Experience (grants 200k Experience for 2 AIP)
       Metal (grants 10 mil Metal for 1 AIP)
       Universal (grants 1,5k science, 45 hacking, 100k Experience and 5 mil Metal for 5 AIP)

    XP Changes/Fixes:
       Removed the XP penalty when killing ships of a lower MK level. Part of the reason why is due to the above Experience Distribution Node never giving the player what they earned…
       Fixed XP distribution when multiple mobile fleets are on the same planet being wrong sometimes. Reduced the logarithmically-stacking XP loss per additional fleet from 10% to 2.5%. Also expanded it to be somewhat able to handle 50 fleets at the same planet without beginning to cheat the values.
       Added XP to a ton of units from factions:
          Devourer Golem/Ravenous Shadow
          Macrophage Harvesters, both normal and enraged
          Dark Spire
          Dyson Sphere
          Astro Trains and things constructed from Astro Trains
       Increased the XP gained from:
          All AI Dire Guardians
          AI Hunter/Killer

    New Ship Variants:
       A total of 60 new variants from Strike Craft and Frigates have been created.
       These are split into 2 groups:
          Tier 2 are advanced variants, about on the level of vanilla variants of ships:
             Strike Craft:
                Antigravitic VWing
                Tremor Fusion Bomber
                Blast Concussion Corvette
                Focused Pike Corvette
                Albedo Bot
                Shadow Gatling Bot
                Fortified Tesla Corvette
                Mortar Launcher Corvette
                Unstable Agravic Pod
                Ablative Bomber
                Shredder Corvette
                Sentry Gunboat
                Glass Plane
                Fusion Tank
                Zombie Spider
                Suicide Saw
                Metabolizing Bomb
                Fusion Artillery Frigate
                Alpha Raid Frigate
                Flytrap Frigate
                Plasma Nuke Frigate
                Ablative Sniper Frigate
                Ronin Frigate
          Tier 3 are elite variants, clearly better than tier 1 and 2:
             Strike Craft:
                Obstructor Vwing
                Pyotic Bunker Bomber
                Concussion Needle Corvette
                Impaler Corvette
                King Slayer Bot
                Phantom Cannon
                Vortex Corvette
                MGLS Corvette
                Force Agravic Pod
                Ablative Reaper
                Hydra MLRS Corvette
                Blitz Blade
                Ramifier Gunboat
                Supply Plane
                Acid Spider
                Black Biter
                Auto Fusion Bomb
                Black Plague
                Phoenix Wing
                Omega Raid Frigate
                Norrisfield Frigate
                Plasma Fusion Frigate
                Railgun Platform Frigate
                Ninja Frigate
             Station-Keeping Frigates:
                Station-Keeping Ambush Frigate
                Station-Keeping Warbird Frigate
                Station-Keeping Tritium Sniper Frigate
             Also note that the Station-Keeping Watchman Frigates have been removed. They are for the most part replaced by the Station-Keeping Ambush Frigates
       There are also more types of turrets, engineers, forcefields, etc. These are all considered to be Tier 2
             Meta MLRSTurret
          Other Defenses:

    Factionalizing the Human Remnant:
       There are 7 factions of Humans that have existed pre-AI-war. Their overall documentation is in the Human Factions + Lore table, but here is the short version on how their centerpieces are:
          ISF (Intergalactic Space Force): General purpose ships
             Transport: Coordinator (Tachyon+Tractor+low planetary Damage and Speed Magnification)
             Ark: Narwhal (Bubble forcefield, leeching cannon, pushes enemy forcefields)
             Antagonist: Beluga (Bubble forcefield, shield overdriver, artillery gun)
             Battlestation: Combat (fast turret construction, long-lasting attack bonus after being on a new planet)
             Citadel: Beachhead (even faster turret construction, additional constructors, bigger guns)
             Combat Factory: Builder (faster ship construction, repairs and construction assist)
          PA (Prosperity Accord): Metabolization and long-range sniping
             Transport: Artillery (Sabot-Artillery)
             Ark: Whetstone (Metabolizing Knockback cannon and radar dampening)
             Antagonist: Grindstone (Metabolizing Knockbar, target painter, Knockback Ray, improved radar dampening)
             Battlestation: Sniper (Tritium Railcannons and Ramifiers)
             Citadel: Trigun (3 weapons, one for every possible enemy type)
             Combat Factory: Fortified (good radar dampening)
          LSN (Last Sovereign Nation): Shield-piercing and overall heavy units
             Transport: Invasion (speed amplification, damage reduction when exiting wormholes)
             Ark: Carrier Prime (lots of Fusion Bomber drones, weak AA guns)
             Antagonist: Storm Tide (tons of Fusion Bomber drones, some AA guns, global-range Gravity Slowdown, few but extremely powerful Tractor Beams)
             Battlestation: Barrier (low-grade Black Hole Machine, Paralysis cannons)
             Citadel: Fort Fulcrum (good attack and speed amplification, bubble forcefield that can‘t be norrissed, bigger Black Hole Machine, no weapons)
             Combat Factory: Booster (attack amplification, reduced ship construction output)
          NW (Nightwatch): Stealth ships of all kinds
             Transport: Stealth (faster and cloaked)
             Ark: Black Sheep (cloaked, long-range Fusion Bombs that don‘t decloak, tachyon radiation)
             Antagonist: Black Wolf (cloaked, Plasma Fusion artillery, global-range tachyon array, Lightning Torpedo MIRVs)
             Battlestation: Void (Cloaked, low-mass killer weapon that slowly decloaks)
             Citadel: White Noise (Cloaked, Implosion fusion weapon that doesn‘t declaok)
             Combat Factory: Hidden (cloaked, very low durability)
          CAK (Cast-Away on Katyr): Zombification and Hydra ships
             Transport: Locust (lots of little drones)
             Ark: Infester (low-mass zombification and health leech)
             Antagonist: Converter (low-mass and high-mass zombification, high-DPS-leeching)
             Battlestation: Manifolding (Zombifying Sabots that destroy the ship after enough shots, but fire slow enough for it to be repaired in between)
             Citadel: Controller (leeching, weak ship revival when ships on the planet die)
             Combat Factory: Dominator (increased drone construction rate)
          I2 (Innovation Initiative): High-Tech ships, including a lot of suicide craft
             Transport: Engineering (produces ships, constructs and repairs)
             Ark: Biotech (repairs others, attritions and metabolizes the entire planet and loses a bit of health itself, no shield)
             Antagonist: Nanotech (repairs others, attritions and metabolizes the entire planet without losing health, has an Acid Sprayer and Biomass Driver)
             Battlestation: Relocator (slowdown on enemy ships and knockback weapon)
             Citadel: Havoc (only has a target beacon weapon that multiplies received damage on enemies but a large hangar for Impact Torpedos which are especially good against large targets)
             Combat Factory: Ionic (low-grade Ion Cannon on top of it)
          MB (Militia Brotherhood): Raid and Ambush ships
             Transport: Bulwark (more shield and has a Bubble Forcefield)
             Ark: Castle (ship construction, anti-invasion beam, produces metal and energy)
             Antagonist: Fortress (fast ship construction, engineers, and turrets anti-invasion beams, lots of Tractor Beams, invasion-fusion-missiles)
             Battlestation: Anti-Raid (ambush weapon, tractor beams and tachyon radiation)
             Citadel: Anti-Ambush (long-lasting incoming damage reduction, outgoing damage boost on planet change, deals even more damage to enemies newly arriving)
             Combat Factory: Responder (very high speed boost for 5 seconds on wormhole use, but fragile)
       All the Mk1 (base designs), Mk2 (advanced variants, both vanilla and modded) and Mk3 (elite variants) have been attributed to these transports:
          Transport Fleets have mostly Tier 1 and Tier 2 ships, mostly Strike Craft and not frigates. At most 8 per faction can spawn per galaxy
          Ark Fleets have mostly Tier 1 and Tier 2 ships, but can rarely have Tier 3 ships and the frigate ratio is higher. At most 4 per faction can spawn per galaxy
          Antagonist Fleets can no longer have Tier 1 ships, but often Tier 2 and very often Tier 3 ships, always 5 strike craft and 3 frigates (so in total 8 ship lines). At most 1 per faction can spawn per galaxy
          ARS can contain any ship, but the probability of Tier 2 ships is the highest, and sometimes Tier 3 ships also appear
       All the centerpieces of a faction only contain ships of that faction, naturally
       Arks and Antagonists can appear as AI forces, either spawning on planets (especially Golemite loves these) or as leaders of Exos
       All ships and drones have been named [Faction]-[Tier] [name], so something like „ISF-B Vwing“ for the ISF basic Vwing.
       Starting Fleets are affected by this. There are now 3 tiers of them, one of every type for every faction:
       Transport Fleets (Hard Start difficulty) each contain 2 strike craft and 1 frigate, in total having 2 base designs and 1 advanced:
          All of these are called [Faction] Remnants since they are glued together from scrap
       Ark Fleets (Normal Start difficulty) each contain 3 strike craft and 2 frigates, in total having 2 base designs, 2 advanced and 1 elite:
          ISF War Guard Alpha
          LSN Blitzkrieg Battalion
          PA Attack Archers
          CAK Wicked Sickers
          I2 Black Laboratory
          MB Murdoch Militia
          NW 491st Subception Fleet
       Antagonist Fleets (Easy Start difficulty) each contain 5 strike craft and 3 frigates, in total having 4 advanced designs and 4 elite:
          ISF Throne Paladins
          LSN Rampage Bombers
          PA Metabolizing Mayham
          CAK Reclaimers
          I2 Illegal Arms Race
          MB The Bastion
          NW Lonely Watcher
       Battlestation Fleets (Normal difficulty) each contain 4 items (up to 3 turrets, 2 other defenses, 1 engineer),
          ISF Knights
          LSN Patrol Post
          PA Eagle Eyes
          CAK Reprisal
          I2 Impetus
          MB Dead End
          NW Nothingness
       Citadel Fleets (Easier difficulty) each contain 1 engineer plus 5 items (up to 4 turrets, 3 defenses)
          ISF Beach Guards
          LSN Fort Fulcrum
          PA Stop Force
          CAK Control Freaks
          I2 Torpedo Shark
          MB Hostile Takeover
          NW Nullibiety
       Support Fleets (Normal difficulty) each contain at least 2-3 drone, 1-2 engineers and 1 sentry frigate (for the factions with sentry frigate types) or 3-4 drone, 1-2 engineers (for the factions without sentry frigate types), all in all 4-6 max items
          ISF Workhorse
          LSN Strongarm
          PA Ranger Wing
          CAK Flaming Hornets
          I2 Iono Crown
          NW Phantomspawn
          MB First Responders
       Command Stations
          T1 (Basic) Command Stations were rebalanced and received all-new turret, defense, mine, etc combinations made from the faction-specific stuff
          T2 (Advanced) Command Stations are faction-themed and can be built up to 3 times per faction per galaxy (so a total of 21)
          T3 (Elite) Command Stations are faction-themed and can only be built once per faction per galaxy (so a total of 7). They provide something that can affect the entire galaxy, or provide a significant strength boost
          From T1 Military Command Station
             ISF Invasion CnC (T2)
                Builds 3 structures, all of which are invulnerable for 15 seconds when arriving on a new planet and improve invasions
             ISF Nuclear Command (T3)
                Builds all 7 types of IGBMs:
             LSN Defense Post (T2)
                Builds a number of Harmonic Bastions which boost each other‘s damage when present. They have a forcefield and cannot be norrised out of the way. The station itself also has such a forcefield.
             LSN Border Enforcement (T3)
                Builds a number of Buttress Bastions which are very powerful and provide invulnerability to the command station and have a non-norris bubble forcefield.
          From T1 Logistic Command Station
             NW Stealth Base (T2)
                The Command Station, Factories, Engineers, Turrets, etc are all cloaked in exchange for not having any kind of forcefield.
             NW Code Umbra (T3)
                Can build and sustain the imensely powerful Subspace Incisor which provides an insane 5 planets of scouting range. Is invunlerable and cloaked normally but when the Command Station is removed (scrapped or swapped, not destroyed) it dies and produces 350 AIP.
             CAK Technofactory (T2)
                Very high fleet building through specialized swarmer factories that also produce defense drones
             CAK Tech Integrator (T3)
                Builds the Porand and Kyrial battleships that are a very dynamic and powerful duo (or trio each at max Mk level)
             MB Militia Center (T2)
                Creates a number of Militia Factories that have everything (production, defense, building, etc)
             MB Galactic Logistics Bureau (T3)
                Increases all strike craft, frigate and turret counts galaxy-wide by 15%
          From T1 Economic Command Station
             I2 AI Cyberwarfare Lab (T2)
                Can execute a permanent hack that generates 1 hacking point every 100 seconds
             I2 RnD Nexus (T3)
                Has the same hack as the Cyberwarfare Lab but only needs 50 seconds/hacking point. For an escalating and very high hacking cost it can produce a lot of science
             PA Mining Hub (T2)
                Lots of Metal and Energy production, Metal storage too
             PA Resourcing Headquarters (T3)
                Sh*ttons of Metal, Energy and Storage, thzey also support the planet with useful functions, but these super-buildings generate AIP on death

    Reworked Science/Hacking/Metal drops on death of units
       Background is that I want to make it more logical:
          Science now only drops from aliens or very very powerful experimental AI units
          Hacking now only drops from units that the AI uses TACTICALLY and some special cases (like DSVG and Astro Train spawns). Extragalactic units may be powerful but they aren‘t tactical in the least
          Metal drops as a substitute for getting nothing from various units that (mostly) would be ez farm for science and still too easy for hacking points
          AIP has been normalized, and there is a difference between normal and fortified data centers now
       Full table:
             Unit   Metal   Hacking   Science   AIP on death
          AI   Instigator      20      -5
             DataCenter      25      -20
             Fortified DC      30   500   -30
             DN Science         3000   4
             DN Hacking      90      3
             DN Metal   10000000         1
             DN Universal   50000000   45   1500   5
             D. Guard. All      3
             D. R. G. All      4
             D. G. P. All      5      5
             Hunter/Killer      10
             Usurper      2
          Extrag. T1   Maugrim         250
             Poltergeist         250
             Phoenix         250
             Hunter/Seek.         250
          Extrag. T2   Wendigo         500
             Wyrm         500
             Chimera Art.         300
             Chimera         300
          Extrag. T3   Hunter/Annih.         1000
          Extrag. T4   Mothership         3000
             Planet Crkr.         3000
          Extrag. T5   Flenser         30000
             Rav. Shadow         10000
          Stationary   Sabotag. Tgt.            3
             Warp Gate            3
          Cmd Station   Normal Types      10      9
             Bunker      60      9
             Vengeful      30   1000   9
             Phasic         2000   9
             Reco. Types            9
          Dark Spire   DSVG Vuln.      100   1000
          Dev. Golem   Dev. Golem         20000
          AT Spawns   Fenrir      50   2000
             Reanimator      50   2000
             Umbra      50   2000
             Shellshocker      50   2000
             Custodian      50   2000
             Warsp. Artil.      30   1200
             Warspite      30   1200
          Macrophage   Telium   250000      200
          Marauders   Marauder OP   50000
          Nanocaust   Nano Center   150000
             Nanobot Hive         10000

       Tech Changes:
          Weapon Techs only have 2 levels: 2500/5000 science and no longer appear in Tech Vaults
          Instead ships now gain 2 level through Faction-specific Tech:
             Human Remnant
          Human Remnant is for all the misc stuff the playr has, and Outsiders refers to Human Resistance Fighters, Mercenaries and possibly more
          Faction-specific Tech affects a wide range of things: Ships, Command Stations, buildings, defenses…
          Tech Vaults now contain Faction-specific Techs and Alien Techs

    Lost Spire Frigate Rework:
       Lost Spire Frigates are now Gray Spire centerpieces. 3 exist and they have been reworked to use spire-typical weapons:
          Gray Spire Radiant Dawn (super-heavy coil beam cannon and micro coil beams)
          Gray Spire Afterglow (medium-sized coil beam cannons and railcannons which are similar to railcannons in AIWC, infinite range single-target beam weapons)
          Gray Spire Nightlight (small coil beam cannons, laser pulsar and energy waves which stun and knockback enemies)
       They aren‘t as powerful as Zenith Golems but pull their weight just fine.
       All of these exist as starting variants too, although they will be too powerful of cause.

    Golem Rework:
       Golems are now all Lone Wolf fleets that cannot accept player ship lines. However, they are not without their support. 4 types of „drones“ exist which all inherit Mk level from the main Golem organism:
          Zenith Striker Drone (fast, ambush bonus damage, even more damage to small strike craft)
          Zenith Blaster Drone (very fast, long-range artillery fusion bomb, 10% damage received on the first shot against shield)
          Zenith Breaker Drone (slow, bonus damage against basically not-moving targets, varied weapons)
          Zenith Crusher Drone (very slow, very powerful. Very, very powerful…)
       These have been distributed among the new Dyson Golems. While each Golem resembles its vanilla counterpart they have been greatly upgraded to create distance from Antagonists
       The AI uses the exact same Golems with the same fleets, which also means all AI golems have Mk levels and grow insanely dangerous
       All of the Golems exist as starting variants, even though they will NOT be balanced…

    Human Resistance Rework:
       HRF can now use all human units from all factions, but only basic ones.
       In return the HRF loses access to all its Guardians. They are AI units for crying out loud!
       At low intensity HRF can only spawn Strike Craft
       At medium intensity HRF can spawn Strike Craft and Frigates/War Harvesters/War Siegers
       At high intensity HRF spawns faction-specific HRF outposts that are bound to this planet
          These can be hacked for 50 hacking points each to become player-owned and generate resources as well as having a few add-ons like weapons, tachyon radiation, etc
          They also produce drone ships for the player on this planet
       All the HRF ships are affected only by the new Human Resistance tech

    Streamlined Ship Line Amounts:
       All ships have their found caps (in fleets, ARS, etc) set to between 60 and 100% of the maximum cap.
       Strike Craft have:
          55-90 per line
          36-60 per line
          24-40 per line
          15-25 per line
          12-20 per line
          9-15 per line
          6-9 per line
          3-5 per line
       Frigates have:
          2-4 per line
          2-3 per line
          1-2 per line
          1-1 per line
       Drones, Combat Frigates and Engineers (both from Command Stations and from Mobile Combat Factories) are always fixed. Just couldn‘t get the Drones to work with potential ship mechanic, so I decided to make those things entirely static…
       There were some wonky things like swarmers before being 60-80 which had a much lower percentual range (75-100%) than most stuff.
       Overall average amounts haven‘t changed all that much for most ships, however there were some stupid things in the Fleet Mixes:
          The FrigatesWithSupport mix had a lot of frigates but Strike Craft in there usually had half ship caps. I really disliked having liabilities flying around.
          Zappers had 3 different caps: 8-15 in AddedToFleet (ARS), 7-14 in FragileOffensiveMix (Mobile Fleets), 10-15 in CrowdControlMix (also Mobile Fleets). They now have 9-15 everywhere which is a slight buff
          On that note, Inhibiting Tesla Corvettes had mostly 10-15 cap and now get 12-20 due to them, in my opinion, being underpowered in vanilla.
       Other than that I don‘t think I‘ve changed fleet caps around too much, just assigned the various ship types various caps
       So no matter if you have a fleet line from a Mobile Fleet, ARS or starter fleet or whatever other ways there might exist, you will always get something in viable range.
       Also adjusted hydra ship variants. Heads in most cases no longer have increased DPS, they have the main ship‘s weapons split up, either in multishot or damage. Hydran is an exception to this.

    Reworked AI Command Stations:
       Trying to base AI command stations on what humans use is simply stupid. Additionally these are to counterbalance the player receiving such insanely powerful command stations through factions.
       Normal (~3/4 of cases):
          Gravity Command Station (planet-wide low-grade (at first) slowdown of enemies, tachyon radiation)
          Reinforced Command Station (has a reinforcement buff and bubble forcefield)
          Amplifying Command Station (increases enemy planetary speed and damage)
       Each of these have 3 subtypes:
          Translocator (translocating weapon)
          Plasma (plasma artillery cannon)
          Sabot (high single-target damage)
       These names are connected („AI Reinforced Plasma Command Station“)
       Rare (~1/4 of cases):
          Bunker Command Station (extremely high hull, no shield, fortified, black hole machine buff, unarmed, some hacking on death, big reinforcement buff)
          Vengeful Command Station (seeking lightning warhead projectiles, releases 3 Armageddon-class IGBMs when killed, low science and hacking on death, some reinforcement buff)
          Phasic Command Station (highly cloaked, almost no hull but very high shield, and its hull can barely be damaged while its shield above 25%, fires zombifying attacks at enemies from across the planet, mobile)
       Reconquest (only when a planet is reconquered by the AI), these have very powerful weapons but only unlock them at ranks 3 and 5 to prevent them from being too powerful and softlocking the game early on
          Ion Reconquest Command Station (ion weapons (1 for destroying big stacks, one for AoE) and high reinforcement buff)
          Plasma Reconquest Command Station (beam weapon, plasma overdriver and high reinforcement buff)
          Attritioner Reconquest Command Station (attrition weapons (one for small ships, one that increases damage based on mass) and high reinforcement buff)

    Tech Overhaul:
       All Techs have been overhauled. There are now 7 types:
       The 10 weapon techs like Vanilla has them. Science cost is 2500/5000 instead of 1500/2750/5000/6750, and only has 2 instead of 4 levels. These affect only ships.
       Hull Techs are the 4 vanilla types (light, medium, heavy, turret), each costing 10000/20000, and Drone which costs 1500/3000. These only affect ships
       Faction Techs are 9 types in total: ISF/LSN/PA/CAK/I2/MB/NW, Human Remnant and Outsiders, each costing 5000/10000 science. These affect all that a faction has (ships, turrets, other defenses, command stations, etc, etc)
          Ousiders are HRF (for future purposes) and Outguard (also TBD in version 1.0)
       Civilian Techs are Metal/Energy generation at 3000/4000/5000/6000 each and engineering at 1500/2000/2500/3000. Stright-forward on what they affect, additionally Engineering is for some metal storage buildings
       Defenses are split into Forcefields at 2500/5000/7500/10000 (and replaces the hull and weapon tech of Forcefield Frigates), Citadels at 3000/4500/6000/7500, Minefields and Sentries each at 750/1500/2250/3000
       Alien Techs are Spire and Zenith, each 4000/5500/7000/8500/10000/11500 cost. These affect all the spire and zenith stuff (from the base game)
       Command Techs have been split:
          Economic/Military each cost 3000/6000 instead of 4000/4000/4000/4000" (economic) and 2000/3750/3750/4250 (military), and only have 2 instead of 4 levels
          Logistic due to its increased use costs 4500/9000 instead of 3000/3000/3000/3000, and only has 2 instead of 4 levels
          Additionally there now is Tier 1 command at 3000/6000, Tier 2 command at 4500/9000 and Tier 3 command at 6000/12000 science cost. These are for the basic 3 Tier 1 as well as the faction-specific Tier 2 and Tier 3 command stations
       To sum it up:
          Every ship, every station, every construct can be upgraded to exactly Mk7 without the use of any science spent on the planet or battlestation/citadel
          The only exceptions to this that I am currently aware of that are supposed to be like this are Home Command and with it the Civilian Researchers, they must be upgraded with planetary science by 4 levels to reach Mk7 (as they each are affected by their faction for 2 levels)
          Science spent on weapon and hull techs goes directly towards firepower
          Science spent on command, defense and civilian techs goes to the respective categories
          Science spent on faction tech upgrades a wide spectrum of ships, turrets, defenses, stations, etc
          Science spent on alien factions upgrades this alien species‘ toys
          This ends up at a crazy 39 sciences to mk up your stuff from 25 in vanilla

    I2 Hacking Defined:
       Reintroduce periodic exo strikes for all hacks, including science generation
       For Analyze Network Hacks:
       Chance Mk1   Chance Mk6   Mk6 avg time   All 3 base up   Event Type   Event
       0,300%   1,800%   55,56   18,52   Good   Grant the player 1 hacking point
       0,200%   1,200%   83,33   27,78   Good   Grant the player 1 science point
       0,150%   0,900%   111,11   37,04   Good   Grant all player centerpieces 100 experience
       0,010%   0,060%   1.666,67   555,56   Good   Gathers intel on a planet. Intel level 1: If unexplored, displays the planetary status (owned by who, fought over by who, etc, etc). Intel level 2: If unexplored, now explores the planet for free. Intel level 3 or if the planet was explored while hitting intel level 1 or 2: Permanently watches the planet.
       0,150%   0,900%   111,11   37,04   Bad   Player loses 1 hacking point. If they don‘t have any at the moment nothing happens
       0,100%   0,600%   166,67   55,56   Bad   Depletes the shields of the hacker and deals 10% or 100000 damage to its hull (whichever is less). If this would take the hacker below 15% health cancel the hack
       0,025%   0,150%   666,67   222,22   Bad   Gives wave budget to the AI
       0,010%   0,060%   1.666,67   555,56   Bad   Cause an Exo Strike targeting the hacker
       All event chances are multiplied by Station Mk level Good events have their chances increased 50% and bad events their chances decreased 50% for the major hack used by the T3 command station
       Chances are further modified by entities with reduced AI hacking response. Positive events have their chance multiplied by 1/[response multiplier] and negative events divided by 1+[response multiplier]
          So the 65% response multiplier would increase a 1% likely positive event to ~1.54% probability, but a negative event to ~0.606%

    Merc Overhaul
       New Merc List:
             Democratic Demolitionists (multi-use, mostly defense) [defensive | any]
                Smart Grenade Factory (produces Smart Grenades which are like upgraded auto-bombs)
                Artillery Grenade Launcher Turrets (like a normal Grenade Laucher Turret, only with higher range, higher damage, higher AoE and max targets hit, but lower firerate)
                Fusion Grenade Launcher Corvettes (similar to the normal variant, but with fusion effect)
             Spire Archivist (defense only) [defensive | player-only]
                Great-Forcefield Generator (non-shrinking, non-damage-reducing extremely high range and good shield health forcefield generator)
                Coil Beam Cannons (coil beam effect, higher overall damage, slight damage amplification under bubble forcefields)
                Railcannon Turrets (spire-like railcannons, which are infinite range single-target beams with low damage but high firerate and multishot)
             Arnaud de Cervole (multi-planet protection) [defensive patrol | player only]
                Plasma Disruptor (slow frigate with artillery AoE paralysis weapons dealing more damage to near-stationary enemies and has strong radar dampening but weak health and shields, spawns Phasic Tractor Array Deployers)
                Push Paralyzer Gunboat (gunboat with single-target high-mass paralysis and push. High health but low shield, damage and speed are low unless attacking near-stationary enemies, to which it deals vastly more damage)
                Phasic Tractor Array Deployer (upon coming close to an enemy deploys into a Phasic Tractor array which only lasts for a limited amount of time but has high phasic shields, which makes hull almost invulnerable while they are up)
             Lobar the Wolf (invading enemy planets) [offense | AI only]
                Imploder Frigate (Tritium-Sniper variant which deals huge bonus damage to enemies with increasing hull health and even more to healthy enemies, but cannot attack enemies with or under shields. It‘s very fast and has high shield, but low health)
                Sting Bomber (Fusion Bomber variant that can no longer pierce shields but instead deals fluctuating damage to them, allowing it to deal high damage to enemy forcefields and personal shields.
                Shield Eater Corvette (Concussion Corvette variant, missile has bonus hull damage. Very high hardened bubble great forcefield with no damage reduction or shrinking. Very high shield and very low hull, once shields go down to 0 its shield leecher will, if it‘s not on cooldown, instantly replenish them)
             Xenophon (single-battle support) [warps out after combat | any]
                Archer Frigate (Vast damage boost dealt boost on start, vast damage reduction boost on start, fires a large amount of slow missiles all acros the map, very weak once the boni run out)
                Glass Sword Drone (Drone ship which deals very high melee damage, has extremely low health but quite a few seconds of invulnerability when spawning)
                Phyrric Lancer Drone (Drone ship which has good health and no shield, a high-range and high-damage beam weapon but self-attritions every time it shoots, yet leeches health on hit)
             Hereward the Wake (multi-planet protection) [defensive patrol | not AI]
                Raid Frigate Prime (upgraded Raid Frigate: and a damage bonus against enemies that have been there for only a short while, phantom-level cloaking and low loss on attack, rapid-fire full-shield-piercing fusion pulse, better radar dampening, much higher hull and especially shield)
                Raptor Prime (upgraded Raptor: slightly more damage, shadow-level cloaking an can fire a few times while cloaked, bonus damage for enemies new to the planet lasts much much longer but is weaker, ship has lower range, high shield but low health)
                Raider Prime (upgraded Raider: Slightly more damage, extremely fast, slight but long-lasting ambush damage buff, even faster 5-second speed boost, ghost-level cloaking device, no supercharging but slightly boosts all speed of all allies on the planet)
             Kosciuszko Fortifications Inc (single-planet protection) [defensive | not AI]
                Translocator Fortress (translocating energy waves, high health, radar dampening, damage bonus the longer it‘s present, high shield and acts as a decoy for the more fragile turrets)
                Fortified Quadritium Sniper Turret (upgraded Tritium Sniper Turret with weaker quad-shots, doubled damage boost and radar dampening)
                Entrenched Paralyzer Spider Turret (upgraded Spider Turret that has paralyzation instead of engine stun that deals more damage the longer it‘s present)
             Anvil Securities (multi-planet protection) [defensive patrol | not AI]
                Anvil Battleship (ship with weaker guns but high health and tractor beams that attracts enemy fire. It is quite fast and has a some radar dampening)
                Hammer Cruiser (ship with strong guns that get enhanced when hitting enemies that are tractored, even more so enemies with higher mass, strong metabolization)
                Forge Frigate (fast ship with very weaker short-range energy waves that applies percentual damage amplification to enemies hit)
             Sabre Company (invading enemy planets) [offensive | AI only]
                Super Maus (vastly upgraded Maus: No shield but very high health, longer damage buff on entry, anti-shield miniguns, phase artilleries, each of them even stronger)
                Predator Vanguards (deal vastly improved damage if enemy shields are down, receive vastly less damage if shield is down. Lower shield, higher health and armor)
                Acceleration MLRS Corvettes (higher range, higher damage based on target distance, invasion speed buff. Lower shield, higher health and armor)
             Prufrock's Partisans (defense construction) [offensive | AI only]
                Partisan Seeder (Unarmed and cloaked Frigate. It has decent hull and shield, low speed and low targeting priority. Constructs Distractor Shields and Pulsar Turrets)
                Distractor Shield („Drone“ forcefield generator with high targeting priority and now drawbacks. Seems to have a high shield and high damage received to bait in enemy attacks, but this lowers as the shield capacity decreases)
                Omni Turret („Drone“ AoE turret with short-range high-dps AoE pulses that deal more damage to closer enemies, and high-range railguns that deal more damage to enemies further away. Low health and shield)
          Granted to Player (remain unchanged other than benefiting from Outsider Faction Tech and having 1 instead of 600 seconds cooldown between using charges)
             War Harvesters (a number of war harvesters)
             War Siegers (a number of war siegers)
          Automated (all of these benifit from Outsider Faction and Drone Hull Techs and no longer spawn a Merc Flagship with them. Strength reduced but charges and charge regeneration increased, time between use reduced to 1 instead of 300 seconds)
             Automated Firesupport (sentinel gunboats and snipers)
             Automated Shredders (gangsaw and vampire claw drones)
             Automated Construction Swarm (automated construction bots)
             Hydral Hobbyist (multi-purpose) [offensive | any]
                Main Ship (Paralyzer,  Blaster, Torpedo, damage bonus on less than x seconds on planet, damage/speed amp, tractor, decoy, tachyon)
                Weapon Head: Paralyzer and Blaster weapons, improved damage, paralyzation and damage bonus)
                Paralyzer Head: Further improved damage and paralyzation
                Blaster Head: Further improved damage and damage bonus)
                Command Head: All improved: Ally damage and speed buff, decoy effect, tractor beams
                Decoy Head: Further improved decoy effect
                Snare Head: Further improved Tractor Beams
                Detonator Head: Suicide-explode on enemies with high damage
                Stage 1 Separator (S1S), Stage 2 A Separator (S2AS) and Stage 2 B Separator (S2BS) exist to „split“ off the various multiple head types since multiple different types of entities spawning on death isn‘t a thing it seems. They do nothing other than split into multiple different sub-parts
                Spawn Order:
                   Main Ship   -> 3x S1S   -> 3x Weapon Head      -> 9x S2AS   -> 9x Paralyzer Head      -> 27x Detonator Head
                                  -> 9x Blaster Head      -> 27x Detonator Head
                         -> 3x Command Head      -> 9x S2BS   -> 9x Decoy Head      -> 27x Detonator Head
                                  -> 9x Snare Head      -> 27x Detonator Head
       Merc Spawning/Regeneration Stats:
          Merc Unit Name         Behavior         Class      Target Planet   Power Mod   Is Automated   Donate to Plr   +Units AIP?   Base Amt   AIP/Charge   Exist Time   Sumon cool.   Recrg. Time   Spawn Delay   BasStr/Spwn   Str Gen/100s
          Spire Archivist         DefendLocalPlanet         Stationary      PlayerOnly   2   No   No   Yes   1   200   600   710   1775   5   26,25   1,48
          Democratic Demolitionists         DefendLocalPlanet         Stationary      Any   1   No   No   Yes   2   100   424   517   1292   15   14,375   1,11
          Arnaud de Cervole         PatrolAdjacentFriendlyPlanets         Defense      PlayerOnly   1   No   No   Yes   1   200   900   1040   2600   5   21   0,81
          Lobar the Wolf         Attack         Offense      AIOnly   1   No   No   Yes   1   200   600   710   1775   80   36   2,03
          Xenophon         WarpOutAfterBattle         Defense      Any   1   No   No   Yes   4   50   450   545   1363   15   11,5   0,84
          Prufrock's Partisans         DefendLocalPlanet         Utility      AIOnly   1   No   No   Yes   2   100   424   517   1292   60   20   1,55
          Hereward the Wake         PatrolAdjacentFriendlyAndNeutralPlanets         Defense      NotAI   1   No   No   Yes   1   200   900   1040   2600   5   21   0,81
          Kosciuszko Fortifications Inc         DefendLocalPlanet         Stationary      PlayerOnly   1   No   No   Yes   2   100   424   517   1292   5   13,125   1,02
          Anvil Securities         PatrolAdjacentFriendlyAndNeutralPlanets         Defense      NotAI   1   No   No   Yes   1   200   900   1040   2600   5   21   0,81
          Sabre Company         Attack         Offense      Any   1   No   No   Yes   1   200   600   710   1775   60   32   1,80
          Hydral Hobbyist         Attack         Utility      Any   1   No   No   Yes   1   200   600   710   1775   45   29   1,63
          Automated Firesupport         Attack         Offense      Any   1   Yes   No   Yes   10   20   190   1   100   1   2   2,00
          Automated Shredders         Attack         Offense      Any   1   Yes   No   Yes   10   20   190   1   100   1   2   2,00
          Automated Construction Swarm         Attack         Offense      Any   1   Yes   No   Yes   10   20   190   1   100   1   2   2,00
          War Harvesters         Attack         Offense      Any   1   Yes   Yes   No   1   200   99999999   1   1800   1   5   0,28
          War Siegers         Attack         Offense      Any   1   Yes   Yes   No   1   200   99999999   1   1800   1   5   0,28
                                                                Sum   261,25   20,44

    Changelog Version 0.9.1:

    Fixed the AI variant of the Timewarp-Class IGBM having the same description as the AI‘s Corrupter-Class IGBM
    Fixed the Human Stinger variant having the wrong damage modifier
    Fixed Superstructures (and I think Nukes too) in the building sidebar order being thrown in between Tier 2 and Tier 3 command stations. Command Stations and their up/downgrades are now at the very bottom of the building sidebar
    Removed 2000 science gain from the AI Ion Reconquest and Bunker Command Stations. They weren‘t supposed to have any.
    The I2 Science generation hack now requires a local hacker. It was supposed to block any AI System analysis.
    Pufrock‘s Partisans no longer create permanent structures. They self-attrition over 1000 seconds.
    Hopefully fixed Lobar the Wolf‘s Shieldeater-Corvettes doing stupid things with their shield leeching beam.
    Fixed some of the starting Battlestations and Citadels having AI stuff in them
    Increased the amount of Focused Gravity Generators from the PA Stop Force fleet from 1 to 3
    Fixed some Nuke Drones from the IPBM Assembly wrongfully having insane strength values, then falsely being counted as threat by, leading to out-of-nowhere 1.2k threat spikes that didn‘t actually exist but scared the you-know-what out of me…
    Fixed [Vicious] Vampire Claws being named [Vicious] Vampier Claws
    Basic AI turrets and tachyon sentinels as well as ghost stuff now also decloak if the Command Station is down
    Fixed Human Fusion Saws not piercing shields
    Inceased the Buttress Bastion self-construction rate from 1000 to 5000
    Made the I2 Impact Torpedos from the Torpedo Shark Citadel scale with Mk level the same as the Citadel and educed the strenth counted by 90%. 2 Strength a piece at rank 1 would result in 200 strength rating all at once…
    The Devourer Golem and Ravenous Shadow (at 1 and 4 seconds of attack rate) now have an ultra-short-range Shield Overdriver weapon. It started to get stuck on immovable forcefields (such as the LSN‘s Command Stations and their Bastions) which would‘ve made the easiest 20k science to farm only via waiting and killing it with turrets…
    Removed the Experience Distribution Node from spawning (it will be kept for savegame compatibility, grants 1500 science on death instead) and reduced the AIP gained from Universal Distribution Nodes from 5 to 4 to compensate for the loss of the XP on death.
    Fixed the Marauder Outpost giving only 5000 instead of the intended 50000 metal on death.
    Fixed Drone Eyebots having a false damage modifier
    The Grindestone Antagonist‘s Target Painter weapon now is a point beam weapon instead of railcannon-type.
    Removed the added range Buttress Bastions would get for each of them on the planet. This was supposed to be exclusive to the Harmonic Bastion.
    Fixed the PA Mining Hub having 14 instead of the intended 8 base converters (both matter to energy and reverse variant)
    Human Vicious Raid Frigates and Apparitions now properly have 2-3 cap in all fleets and ARS instead of 1-2
    Fixed Autobombs sometimes being Auto Bomb, AutoBomb, Auto Bomb, they will now always be the latter.
    Increased the albedo of every centerpiece to at least 0.5 (which affected many Battlestations and Combat Factories) so they don‘t get dragged off by Etherjets and their variants. Reduced the albedo of normal Transport Flagships to 0.6 (except the NW‘s Stealth variant) because 0.7+ is reserved for cloaked units.
       Thanks to Arc-3N-4B for reporting on Discord and the Forum Thread.
    Also fixed a similar issue where the Frigate Tractor Array‘s Albedo limit needed to be reduced from 0.65 to 0.5 because it used to grapple and keep locked down all centerpieces with low enough engine power and albedo, even if they were crippled.

    Tech Changes:
       All centerpieces now scale with tech (as they no longer scale with XP since Version 2.042):
          All centerpieces scale with their faction-tech. For Golems and Dark Spire centerpieces this means scaling with alien tech
          All Human centerpieces also scale with Transport/Ark/Antagonist/support techs which have 4 levels each. This matches Battlestations and Citadels which scale with faction tech and Citadel tech. Not much sense in splitting those up, so they stay combined
          These techs cost 2000/3000/4000/5000 science for Transports, Arks and Antagonists, but only 1000/1500/2000/2500 for support fleets
          The I2 Super- and Gigacomputers now scale, in addition to their faction-tech, with Tier 2 and Tier 3 command
          As many and much more powerful entities now scale with Zenith and Spire techs costs have been increased:
             Spire Tech costs up from 2000/3000/4000/5000/6000/7000 to 3000/4000/5000/6000/7000/8000
             Zenith Tech (because it affects highly powerful Zenith Golems tons of Zenith drones in addition to a higher amount of Golems compared to Gray Spire ships) costs up from 2000/3000/4000/5000/6000/7000 to 4000/6000/8000/10000/12000/14000
          Spire Tech also has a (in my opinion) more fitting symbol
       Individual upgrades on Centerpieces (CP):
          Command Station upgrade cost remains unchanged even though cost in Vanilla has been lowered. This is because the current values are designed to be balanced for Tier 2 and tier 3 Command Stations. They still upgrade everything.                  Citadel   Antagonist   Gray Spire   Golem
          Tier upgrade costs:            Battlestation   Ark   200   300   500   1250
          Mk level up   Command St   Transport   Combat Fact   100   150   400   700   1000   2500
          1   500   50   75   200   300   600   1200   1500   3750
          2   1500   100   150   300   450   800   1800   2000   5000
          3   3000   150   225   400   600   1000   2500   2500   6250
          4   5000   200   300   500   750   1200   3300   3000   7500
          5   7500   250   375   600   900   4200   9800   10500   26250
          6   10500   300   450   2100   3150
          Sum   28000   1050   1575
       Note that direct upgrades do affect the drones of the centerpiece as these are often considered the „weapon system“ that would be upgraded too with other centerpieces
       Fixed Pike Turrets being affected by Ambush instead of Disruptive tech
       Fixed Factories not being affected by their respective faction tech and, in the case of the Shadow Factory, it being named to belong to the I2, but scale off CAK tech. It now is NW all the way through
       Renamed the Outsider Tech Anchor into the Universal Tech Anchor and made it „upgradeable“ by any tech. In effect this now unlocks all techs so the player can upgrade them without having to find units that depend on it. Very important for upgrading outguard.

    Fixed some I2 Analyze-AI-System Hacking and made it compatible with AIW2 Versions above 2.032:
       The chance of damaging the Hacker as well as giving XP to all player centerpieces have both been retired
       The chance to scout a system and cause an EXO strike have been halved from 0.01% to 0.005% base.
       Intel data display now actually works properly:
          The entire strength-counting-per-faction mechanic has been rebuilt from scratch
             It finally does ignore the factions „Natural Objects“ and „Missing Faction“ because those are irrelevant, as well as not even bothering with factions that aren‘t on the planet.
             Made the entire ship-faction-strength counting of the planet much more efficient (it only ever iterates over every entity once compared to iterating once per faction in the game per entity)
             It now finds factions that aren‘t the owner of the planet. Extraordinarily stupid bug on my part…
          A lot of syntax re-writing to create more informing sentences about planetary owners, combattants, invaders, defenders, king units, etc, etc. It‘s now much more informative (that it would have been if it ever worked properly).
       Intel data now has a special journal entry that is displayed once the first bit has been gathered. There only ever is a single entry but it will update (unless currently viewed in full) as new data comes in.
          The log should reset to nothing on saving & loading the game for now, but it will be made permanent if possible (and currently I think it can be).
          It contains even more information than the displayed text. The exact strength values, king and controller presence, by faction and planet.
          Intel auto-hides if the planet is now watched by any source, but if that watched-status is taken back it‘ll display again.
          It should also sort planetary intel by planet name (primary) and the time that the intel was created (secondary). This is only important when a planet has received intel level 2 by hacking at which point there are 2 journal entries about it, allowing for a comparison of what happened in the meantime
             This is untested as of yet, but should work in theory…
       When exploring a planet via getting 2 intel points it should now properly display every strength value and object there as if it had been explored via the normal hack.

    HRF Outposts have a couple of fixes:
       Outposts that the player captures now actually scale with tech. 2 levels of Outsider Faction tech, 4 levels from Stations tech.
       Outposts no longer have a fleet of drones as this was making them entirely unable to scale with tech. Instead they simply spawn their drones. Drone attrition is constant but very small.
       Outposts have also been renamed to denote they do NOT really belong to factions but are HRF-affiliated.
       Outposts should no longer chase after enemies even if in FRD.
       Increased their FRD targeting priority.
       The Zombifying HRF outpost should now have a properly displaying Point Beam weapon
       Increased the amount of metal they store from 100,000 to 500,000.
          The PA‘s variant, now named the Production Outpost, stores 1,500,000 metal instead of (as before) incorrectly stating it had increased capacity.

    Fleet Works:
       Fleet lines remain limited at 5 per Centerpiece in the face of Vanilla changing it to 40 (which is essentially unlimited), except for Antagonists which can have up to 8.
       ARSs now only have ships, turrets and defenses of a single faction. There is universal variants which work as traditional ACSs did. Note that GCAs don‘t work with this mechanic yet, so there is only the universal variant which sadly still shows AI stuff.
       FRS have had their entire line of ships changed. All of these are lines of either lines of 4 cruisers, 2 battlesthips or 1 dreadnought/Carrier. These have a great number of weapon systems and are a fighting force alone, most also supercharge the fleet on various stats.
          ISF Tempest Rider: Slow Dreadnought that boosts damage. Fleet-wide is big, but it also has a planet-wide boost as long as it‘s present. Itself has an invasion damage and speed buff. Has a multitude of weapons designed against various opponents.
          LSN Donnergrollen: Dreadnought that boosts all ally health and shield. Has anti-invasion damage boni and strong weapons, but is very slow. The greatest weapon is a planet-wide fusion-push shockwave that damages all enemies greatly, stunning them.
          PA Meteoriot: Cruisers that have a large damage bonus to fleet, network together for higher damage and range and have point-beam sniper weapons that metabolize enemies. They also have strong Planet-wide repair beams.
          CAK Matriarch: Very slow Carrier that constantly spawns a very high number of powerful detrimental drones which zombify, metabolize, leech health but constantly attrition themselves. Slightly boosts to fleet damage, health and shield.
          I2 Entropy Guard: Phasic-shielded Cruisers which boost ally shields greatly and is very tanky. Provide invulnerability to human centerpieces. Have a number of long-range paralyzers that amplify damage and an attritioning weapon, but is very, very slow and enemies hates them a ton.
          MB Mending Angel: Battleships that provide greatly improved health to their fleet and drop rescue beacons which revive allies dying on the planet. Has a number of weapons to deal with different enemies, but most importantly uses a corrosive bomb which increases the damage enemies take.
          NW Phantasm: Extremely fast Battleships with very high speed and phantom-level stealth. Boosts fleet speed to at least its own and amplifies planetary speed even further. Instead of 10x multishot has 10 similar weapons to either focus or spread out damage.

    Balance Adjustments:
       Hereward the Wake‘s Raider Prime has 50% more health and shield as the default Raider and variants had their health increased.
       The Bulwark Transport Flagship, Narwhal Ark and Beluga Antagonist, Forfecield Frigate, Flytrap Frigate, Norrisfield Frigate and Ronin Frigate now no longer have a penalty for firing from under its shield.
       Halved the Kyrial and Poran‘s health, damage and costs and reduced mass from 7 to 6. They were just way too powerful. At max rank the 6 of them combined you could get were 1.8k strength
       Reduced the decloaking speed of the NW Black Sheep Ark from 5000 to 500. That was a bit too much… Also increased the loss of cloaking points from basically 0 to 5% of it‘s current maximum. No more super-duper-stealth.

    Known issues:
       For absolutely unknown issues loading saves from the previous version seems to delete all the drones from the CAK‘s Locust Transport Flagships and throws an error. I tried to get to the bottom of this, but no success…

    Download Files

    (I appended the files to the forum thread and replace them as I go, which means that they also show up down here. It's the same as clicking above)

    GalacticConquest.ods = The design document, if you can call it that. = The mod files, For installation see near the top.
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    Re: AIW2 Mod: Galactic Conquest
    « Reply #1 on: January 25, 2020, 08:41:59 pm »
    Super cool!!
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    Re: AIW2 Mod: Galactic Conquest
    « Reply #2 on: January 26, 2020, 09:37:30 am »
    Super cool!!

    There's 1 more thing I would like to have before unleashing this thing, I put it into this issue

    Simply to set the rules of the game.

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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version BETA 0.02
    « Reply #3 on: February 08, 2020, 07:03:15 am »
    Version BETA 0.02 for AIW2 BETA Version 1.324 is now live. Changes are at the bottom of the main post.

    I don't think there's anything in there that would break saves.
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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version BETA 0.02
    « Reply #4 on: February 28, 2020, 05:12:13 pm »
    Happy to see my nukes back :)

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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version BETA 0.02
    « Reply #5 on: February 29, 2020, 05:36:31 am »
    I actually need to fix a lot about nukes. Back then I was way worse at XML Modding so I gave them high reload speed which makes them (if they get out of an AI transport unit) wait for 17 seconds until they can detonate. So they just sit around...
    Also, Tesla and Armageddon can go without maximum numbers of targets to hit.

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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version BETA 0.02
    « Reply #6 on: February 29, 2020, 01:00:45 pm »
    How do you install it?
    Can you toggle it on and off to play the base game without the mod?
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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version BETA 0.02
    « Reply #7 on: February 29, 2020, 01:55:45 pm »

    For installation, see the "Download & Installation" info in the thread, right above the download links (the upper ones, not those at the very very bottom
    Basically, just unzip it into the XMLMods directory in the AIW2 files.

    As for disabling mods, you can create a file named "ModIsDisabled.txt" in the GalacticConquest mod folder which will make the game ignore the mod entirely.

    It is, however, impossible to go back to the base game from modded and keep your saves. These will break, there's no way to prevent it.
    And while you should be able to upgrade from vanilla to modded, it won't have all the features and balancing that is created on mapgen.

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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version 0.9 | Huge Content Update
    « Reply #8 on: May 10, 2020, 11:05:19 am »
    Version 0.9 for AIW2 Version 2.032 is now live. Changes are at the bottom of the main post.

    I would be surprised if there is anyone who doesn't have their saves broken by this so take care.

    Also, the installation folder is now no longer XMLMods and instead the one above, named AI War 2 as seen in the installation details in the main post.
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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version 0.9 | Huge Content Update
    « Reply #9 on: May 15, 2020, 02:51:57 am »
    As amusing as it was to see, Fortified Etherjets had a good enough tractor beam to tractor my Barrier Battlestation to other planets, because they also had a high enough engine power to ignore its black hole machine effect.

    In addition to this, they wouldn't let go when crippled.
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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version 0.9 | Huge Content Update
    « Reply #10 on: May 15, 2020, 02:27:44 pm »
    As amusing as it was to see, Fortified Etherjets had a good enough tractor beam to tractor my Barrier Battlestation to other planets, because they also had a high enough engine power to ignore its black hole machine effect.

    In addition to this, they wouldn't let go when crippled.

    Should be fixed in the next version. Increaed the albedo of every centerpiece (battlestations and combat factories were affected) to at least 0.5 which hopefully makes them immune to Etherjets of any variant no matter their engine power.

    Thanks for the report!

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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version 0.9.1 | Fixes & Adjustments
    « Reply #11 on: May 27, 2020, 03:52:43 am »
    Version 0.9.1 has released, for AI War Version 2.042 and hopefully well beyond.

    It brings a lot of fixes and adjustments. There had to be a lot of work done to cope with the removal of XP, the inclusion of FRS (and the rather... Uninteresting ships in Vanilla), as well as completely rebuilding the scouting portion of the I2 hack for the inclusion of Journals.

    Work continues as we get closer to 1.0 for some more amazing features and hopefully more fixes. As always, if you find bugs or balance issues report here and I'll take a look.

    There is one known issue though, upgrading from 0.9 to 0.9.1: For some reason it seems to glitch out and remove the drone fleets used in the CAK Locust Transport Flagship. No idea why, and it does seem fine with saves done from 0.9.1 loaded by 0.9.1, I can only assume it's something that happened in Vanilla and now shows in Galactic Conquest...

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    Re: Mod: Galactic Conquest | Version 0.9.1 | Fixes & Adjustments
    « Reply #12 on: August 30, 2020, 02:57:24 pm »
    Well this is certainly interesting. I'll be eager to check it out once it has been made compatible with the current builds of the game. Is it similar to the Fallen Spire where more conventional games are still possible even if it's enabled, and you opt-in to the increased player-AI conflict intensity, or are you forced to use your new tools if you wish to survive against this more proactive AI?


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