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I and a few others have apparently had issues with these things, being utter destruction dispensers. This mini mod should drastically lower their reload rate, from 2s to 6s (2s meant they were firing salvo 2 before finishing salvo 1, actually), and halves their damage.

For reference, a normal MLRS turret was firing 16 shots a salvo, 2s every salvo, 700 damage per shot, for a wonderful total of 5600dps. That's for a single Mark 1. A Mark 1 Laser turret did about 700.

Now that turret should do 16 shots a salvo, at 6s every salvo, 175 damage per shot. Because of an oddity I can't seem to understand, these now have two guns, so to compensate I quartered the damage. If it was a single gun, it'd be 350 damage. This results in a new DPS of 933. Still higher than normal, but not murder your fleet by itself levels.


Download the zip, and extract it. Go in it, and copy the folder there (it weirdly put it in another folder, sorry, don't know why), into the XMLMods folder in your AI War 2 directory.

Once it's in there, go to PlayerData, in the same directory, and open XMLLoadingOrder.

Under _Vanilla, put "PuffinSpamFilterMLRS" (remove the quotes).

You should be able to load the game and have these units be much more reasonable.

If any problems, please say, I have almost no experience and I'd very much like to keep these working until proper dev updates render them redundant.

Should note that you'd want to take these out once the new update hits, as this'd override that. Just remove the line from XMLLoadingOrder, and the folder from XMLMods.

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