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: Make Lone Fleets hack-capable?
: ArnaudB December 28, 2019, 05:45:55 AM
I am trying to find out how to change Lone Fleets so they can hack ARS and Fleet extenders (and support while I am at it) setting in the XML files, but haven't had much luck.

I tend to play with increased numbers of Lone fleets and ARS and others things, and it get pretty tedious to haul around a standard flagship to hack ARS or double fleetcaps, while needing to swap shiplines between fleets everytime. I'd like to be able to hack with Lone Fleet, and probably support, so the micromanagement doesn't get tedious with 6+ Lone Fleet.

Officers works but because I try to organize them well, swapping screw up with my tactics. It's annoying.

Any clue where the setting for this is? I have looked through HackingEntries, the Golems and othersflagships XML files and even used a file-search for "hack" in the hope of figuring out where this setting is hidden but I had no luck.
: Re: Make Lone Fleets hack-capable?
: x4000 January 14, 2020, 02:14:37 PM
There's not really a setting for this, this is more hardcoded into how the fleet types work.  The abilty to swap ship lines over to them is a bug in the first place and something I'll fix, which then would really make this not work.

I think that what you'd be looking to mod is the ability for lone fleets to not be lone fleets, aka change their type to be just officer fleets.
: Re: Make Lone Fleets hack-capable?
: ArnaudB January 16, 2020, 05:25:16 AM
So I just have to swap:




for this to work?

Thank you for your reply.