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: AI Shield Generators [Updated 31/12/20]
: cml April 10, 2020, 01:44:43 PM
AI Shield Generators
Or, "Core Shield Generators," for those who played AIWar Classic.

This mod adds a special faction, "AI Shield Generators," to the game. This faction consists of a number of shield generators which must be destroyed before the dire guard posts on the AI Homeworld(s) can be destroyed. The catch? In order to destroy the generators, you will need to either hack them or capture the planet they are on.



During the game, you will discover that a number of "Shield Generator" structures have been added to the map. These structures will be invulnerable to damage until you capture the planet they are on. Alternatively, there is a hack which will allow you to destroy them outright without capturing the planet.

Each generator is linked into either a "Strong" or "Weak" network, consisting of all of the generators spawned by one "AI Shield Generators" faction. Generators in a "Strong" network will need to be destroyed individually until only one remains, at which point the remaining generator will self-destruct. Destroying one generator from a "Weak" network, on the other hand, will cause all of the other generators in that network to self-destruct.
Unlike in previous versions, generators are now no longer linked into strong or weak networks. Instead, you will be able to set a number of generators which need to be destroyed in order to cause the remaining generators in the network to self-destruct.

You will also find that an "AI Homeworld Shield Generator" has been added to each AI Homeworld. These structures are invulnerable to damage and provide invulnerability to all Dire Guardposts on the planet. Fortunately, they will self-destruct once all of the non-homeworld shield generators have been destroyed.

This mod uses partial records to add invulnerability to the Dire Guardposts.
If a mod adds new Dire Guardposts, a compatibility patch will be required.
The AI Homeworld Shield Generators are also considered guardposts, so modders will need to exclude them if they are generating random guard posts.

Other Notes:
This is my first mod. If/when you find bugs, please report them in this thread. I would also welcome any comments or suggestions regarding balance.

I would like to thank the wonderful people in the Arcen Games discord. Without them, I would likely have never figured out how to set up Visual Studio, let alone managed to make this mod.

10/05/20 - Updated for changes introduced in Beta 2.027
22/05/20 - Updated to account for the removal of exp in v2.045
03/08/20 - Updated to work around an issue regarding partial records. Please note compatibility changes detailed above.
21/10/20 - Updated to work following several changes. No change to functionality.
10/11/20 - Updated to account for changes to FactionUtilityMethods. No change to functionality.
14/12/20 - Major update. Returned to using partial records, reworked significant parts of the code. Removed strong and weak networks in favour of being able to select a number of generators to be destroyed. AI Homeworld Shields faction no longer needs to be added to games manually.
31/12/20 - Minor update. Fixed the dire guard post invulnerability appender (was previously showing an old message describing the function of the homeworld shield generator). The mod now has a description and defaults to off. Changes should work with existing saves.
: Re: AI Shield Generators
: x4000 April 10, 2020, 03:02:14 PM
This is killer!  Thanks for making this, I'm definitely a fan. :)
: Re: AI Shield Generators
: cml April 27, 2020, 02:54:22 PM
Thanks for saying so, and sorry for the delayed reply.
It means a lot to hear that, and to see people downloading this.
: Re: AI Shield Generators [Updated 14/12/20]
: cml December 14, 2020, 02:04:54 PM
Another update has been released, please see the first post for details.
If you have the old version, you will need to remove it before using this.
: Re: AI Shield Generators [Updated 31/12/20]
: cml December 31, 2020, 05:17:22 AM
Updated the mod, see first post for details.