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A semi complete mod titled replicators
« on: May 05, 2020, 09:01:40 am »
I have created a mostly complete experimental mod with replicating units. I wanted to test if it was possible to make units replicate and it turns out it is. There is a bug with the code which I cannot seem to find (hence mostly complete). Feel free to read the code and if you do find out what's causing the bug please tell me what's causing it (I would really like to know so I don't make that mistake again). and yes the replicators replicate one has messages every time a replicator replicates (which is super annoying) and the other zip file shouldn't send messages out (called NoMessage)

Thank you Badger, Starkelp and -NR-SirLimbo
Badger for helping me with some bugfixing
Starkelp for basically everything relating to external data
-NR-SirLimbo for some help with the XML issues

-Googe Drive link:
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A terrible mod but interesting at least ( Very unbalanced


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