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Captain Jack:
Hi everyone!

I've been thinking a lot about social media. It's a very powerful tool for outreach and connecting with fans but it needs a constant stream of fuel to keep going. To build up hype for the imminent Kickstarter we should be celebrating the game we have and reminding people of the good times they had with it.

Here's our starting point on Twitter. We want to add to that, so here's what we're after:

* Trivia, meaning lore, the different paths to victory, what Murdoch means to us, the many ways we tried to make astro trains fun and what exactly that quote in Cinth's signature is about.  ;D
* Milestones, like the expansion that added your favorite ship, the patch that nerfed a strategy you loved, and all the instances of that infamous "Actually win a legit 10/10" bug.
* Screenshots! We want lots, of games old and current. Close ups, strategy views, all good. Please let us know what version you were using and tell us what is happening on the screen.
* War stories! Better for Facebook than twitter. Tell us about the SuperTerminal that got away from you, the Golem you forgot about, what happened that one time you added Dark Spire and Hybrids to the game...
* Strategies. Not just how to supercat, but your favorite way to play the game.
Anything you post in this thread is fair game for posting. Let us know what attribution you want, otherwise we'll just go with your forum handle.


--- Quote from: Captain Jack on September 15, 2016, 06:58:02 pm ---what exactly that quote in Cinth's signature is about
--- End quote ---
That's actually Keith's story.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
Here's a screenshot from

I might be able to dig up a semi-AAR of the last game I ever won, the one I refer to when I say "you can thank me for transports having out-of-supply attrition."  'cause I'm pretty certain it was my posting about it that got that change added.


--- Quote ---You may remember that there was an ARS in my arm of the galaxy.  You may be wondering why I didn't capture it yet.

That would be because it offers Gravity Drains by default, which I could design download, and Lightning Torpedo Frigates as a hackable option.  All hail the RNG! For without it's blessings, surely we would be lost!  I'm going to hack that ARS.  But, not until I have my champions as ridiculously pimped out as I can manage beforehand.

Unfortunately, a wild CPA appears and distracts me. 
--- End quote ---

That's from my extremely silly AAR titled 'Limburger vs the Angry Gods'.,15770.0.html

Might be some other amusing bits in there. 


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