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The floor is now open for (LORE!) questions

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Captain Jack:
Hi everyone!  :D

I'm super excited to say that Chris and I are making good progress on lore side of things, and some of the ideas that came out of the brainstorming are still making me cackle. When we can share more, we will! In the meantime I have a question for you: what questions do you have about AI War Classic, AI War II, and the Arcenverse at large? I'm taking LORE RELATED questions for all races, expansions, mechanics, backstories and so on. Questions about game mechanics in their own right belong in those threads. I'll do my best to answer in the game, lorebook, or even right here in the thread.

Please note: a lot has changed since AI War 1.0. I'll be answering questions from the perspective of the lore as it currently stands. There is story content that has been changed or flat out removed, just like there's game content that has had the same treatment. I'll let you know if something is no longer true (or flat out wrong if the revelation isn't a spoiler).

Ladies and gentlemen, your questions please!

(This is basically the same thread we had for SBR except with extra AI War.)

OK.  What's the actual origin of the AI cores in Classic?

Where are the new AI coming from in II?

Well, of course, there's all the important stuff...
but other minor things I've wondered about over the years:

How did the AI and the Zenith come to an accommodation?  There must have been one of some sort, if the AI allows the Trader to wander freely.
What's the story behind the Cookie MonsterDevourer Golem?
What's the story with the Marauders?  What kind of life do they live?
How did the Hybrids come to be (assuming they still exist in lore) and what's become of them?
What are the Dark Spire?  How do their Vengeance Generators work, and why were they built?
(Assuming nebula lore is still canon) All about the Neinzul - where did they come from; why are there so many species/factions; when did Humanity contact them, how, and what happened?
The Champion/Nemesis lore, too.  Where did the Champion come from, who built it, etc.

"Where did the champions come from?"

Wherever it is, they can go back right?

I thought the AI Cores were some kind of ancient Spire being/device that the Humans created, since I recall one journal noting that the technology behind the AI was well in excess of the technology available to the Humans of the day.


From what little we know the second AI War takes place tens of thousands of years after the original war. My question is two fold.

Firstly, how is Humanity still unprepared for a possible Alien invasion thousands of years after the near extinction of their species?

Secondly, did Humanity or anyone else try and hunt down the last remnants of the AI after the original war? Considering the massive amount of time that has lapsed one would assume plenty of time was given to try and at least see if the AI is still active elsewhere.

Also, what year is it? Both during the original war and in the sequal? There's no real way to figure out the year in game.


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