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The Final AI War Expansion

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Let me put it to you this way Chris, if you did something like that, not only would I buy at least 5 copies, I would devote an insane amount of time promoting it however and wherever possible in an attempt to make it the most successful Arcen game ever.

I'd make a fan group on Steam, a Facebook fan page, weekly reddit posts, heck I'd probably build an entire website because that sounds completely AWESOME.


--- Quote from: x4000 on November 06, 2015, 09:21:24 am ---Just for the sake of argument, how would you feel if:

1. We released a new version of the game called AI War Reborn or similar, charging probably $20 for it.
2. We drastically upgraded the underlying engine, had copious mod support from the ground up in that, did new art, and so on.
3. We built as many of the features from all the AI War expansions as possible into that, although minus things that nobody really likes anyway (Defender mode).
4. We started with something that is really simplistic but with mod support, and then during an alpha where you guys are involved, built things back up so that you're not left out of the process until the last second.
5. We then leave the original AI War alone, period, and AI War Reborn becomes the new AI War experience that any expansions go to, and that players can focus any modding efforts on, etc.

The reasons for this are numerous:
1. Doing the sort of modding support that would be useful at all would require pretty much a complete rewrite of the game engine to do, to be honest.
2. We now have experience with exactly that sort of thing in some of our more recent work -- you would not BELIEVE how mod-friendly Starward Rogue is, for instance.
3. We've had 4+ years of engine improvements since the original AI War, and people are going to be seriously frustrated if they try to work on the older version of the engine (I sure would be), so the upgrade to a newer engine would be good all around.
4. We'd be able to ease some of the performance woes that people are likely to introduce in mods by using some more multithreading, probably.
5. We could also upgrade the network library.
6. And so on.

Basically I like what you're talking about, but what you're talking about is a completely different game from the one that exists now.  I'm not saying that the above will happen for sure, but it is something we've talked about internally.  I'm curious to take your temperature on that since you guys brought it up.

--- End quote ---


Well then. :)

It definitely is the sort of thing we want to do in theory, because I think that we've really hit the limit of what we can do in terms of opening up the current game to players.  Even if we just open-sourced it, the current code would be something that people would break absolutely constantly.  And one mod would be incompatible with every other mod unless players worked really carefully with one another.  Etc.

With Starward Rogue we've solved both of those problems, and taking that knowledge back to AI War once we have continued perfecting it, and redoing the interface and various other things that really could use it on AI War (plus having a consistent art style that is also more modern, etc) would be really exciting to me.  Plus the ability for players to make their own tutorials would be a godsend in terms of making this accessible to new players.  Not to mention "easy mode" mods or similar for new players.

I think it would be a worthy successor to AI War. Judging from what you have told us over time AI War still is among your longest lasting titles. Adding mods would further extend it's lifetime because there would be a stream of new content. The idea that I can tweak it to my personal liking sounds great as well.

Of course I'm more than happy with this perspective.

I just want to make some points clear.
1) Will the gameplay remain the same?
2) Will you accept to "shatter the game experience"?


1) Will the gameplay remain the same? What will change in term of details? For instance, will all the ships' stats will stay put or rebalanced in the process? Will the minor factions remains the same? Will we have all the traditional goodies (for instances: GravDrill, BHMachine, DGLair, Alarm, etc etc) or will be some new and some trashed in the process? I mean: would it be an engine-only rewrite, or an engine-gameplay rewrite?

2) You said back in the days that not providing mod support for AI War was a way to keep the game as a one. I really value that. So what will happen to the "base game"? Will you have a steam-like workshop? Will you have official mods and sometimes integrate fan-made mods provided they are balanced and finely integrated into the "official mods"?

Anyway, if this sees light one day, I will fiercely compete for the title of greatest AI War moder!!! >D


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