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Number of Ship Types

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One thing to note: we're definitely not going to hold anything back just so there's room for expansions. :)  I really hate it when companies do that (EA sports?).  I think we'll have room for expansions that do things that are more interesting than just adding new ship types or map types or even AI types.  I'm thinking here about really enriching the actual galaxy map with factions and things to do and find that broaden things in new ways that you see every game, rather than just when you choose a specific bonus ship type.

The impact thing is getting the various mechanics in, even if a specific unit doesn't make it, but shows up in an expansion. Once the mechanics are there, the units are easy. It wasn't "saved" for the dlc, it just wasn't explicitly built until then.

Right.  We added tons of mechanics for each piece of DLC.  Some of them I like more than others. ;)


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