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I think it's really cool that this forum is hopping. I know I'm spreading the word that AI War is back.

Thank you!  Definitely get folks to either pop by the forums, or if they want to be notified when the kickstarter goes live, then they can email arcengames at gmail dot com to make sure they don't miss out.  Frankly, anyone here can do that, too.

I've been working on the design document, as well as talking with Keith a lot about various things, and I'm going to have some stuff to share with you all soon on that front.  I'll definitely want feedback to make sure that this feels sound to you.

There are a whole lot of balance details that can be completely ignored until during the actual pre-EA period since players will be able to rebalance at will, so that part isn't even on my radar right now.  It's more about mechanics and setting things up for maximum flexibility both at launch and for down the road.  There are a few changes I'm proposing that might sound dramatic at first glance, but which would pave the way for some reaaally cool things.  I'm not married to any of those ideas, though, so it will be really good to talk to folks here about those and see how the reception is for them.


--- Quote from: Cyborg on August 30, 2016, 07:29:27 pm ---I think it's really cool that this forum is hopping. I know I'm spreading the word that AI War is back.

--- End quote ---

Same here.   It's really nice to see this happening here.

My only concern is the kickstarter itself.  I just... I dunno, I never trust the whole process.  What happens if it doesn't hit the required amount?  All of this will be for naught. 

There are crowdfunding platforms that have an option for 'The money will go through regardless' setups, although KS is the most well known of the crowdfunding sites and does not have that last I checked.

Half Life 3 AI War 2 confirmed.


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