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Do you still use Lidgren?


Hey Chris/Arcen, I've followed you for a while and through you, I found Lidgren's network library. I was going to start a project of my own at some point this year and I noticed that Lidgren hasn't been updated in over a year now, with no real trace of Lidgren himself, are you still planning on using his network library? If not, and if you can say, what will you be using for the networking of AI War 2?

We've used Lidgren until now, but now we're using Forge Remastered; or rather my hackishly pruned version of it, for AIW2.

Thanks so much Keith :D Forge Remastered looks pretty awesome, if it's good enough for you guys it must be worth a try.

Well, it does seem solid, but I should add that we're only using a small part of it. Just the raw sending-binary stuff, since we're handling all the synchronization and serialization and so on ourselves.


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