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Can we retire the term "Whipping Boy"?

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Fair enough. Mum's the word.

Seems like this thread should be in the "main" forum, since it's about a community term rather than anything in the game itself.

'Scapegoat' is sort of similar in meaning, but is a more common term.  'Martyr' captures the self-sacrificing part of the idea.  They're both names of units, though. 

I think they're still a useful concept, and will remain so as long as waves and gate raiding stick around. 

I actually started using this phrase prior to the first version becoming public, so it's my bad on this one. ;)

I somewhat capriciously suggest the term "hedgehog". To quote wikipedia, "The Hedgehog defence is a military tactic in which a defending army creates mutually supporting strong points in a defence in depth which is designed to sap the strength and break the momentum of an attacking army". It's not 100% accurate, but it's pretty close. So I'd say "The AI got through the outer hedgehog, but the final line of defense stopped the Exo"


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